Monday, February 1, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 31

The last day of January already - how can it be a whole month is gone? I'm still not even convinced its 2010 yet! I saw Kyla's diary today and it has a big 10 on the front... took me forever to work out why... it has a 20 on the back cover too, that only confused me more, I was busy going "ten-twenty...WTF?" Then I realised when you lay the diary flat with both covers visible it would say 2010... duh!

We had lunch with Grandave today, and Pete & Kat around for dinner. Zeke spent most of the time showing off his new peek-a-boo skills. He was cranky and hard to put to bed this evening, which led to a whole other adventure, but that's a story for Monday's post seeing as it happened after midnight!

Sunday 31st January 2010


Just a cuddle with Daddy to try and convince Zeke that it's bedtime. Lovely to have a photo of Ryan where he's not flipping me off or pulling some ridiculous face too!

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