Monday, April 21, 2008

36 Weeks

One more week and I am officially 'term'! The due date isn't till May 19th, but babies qualify as term from 37 weeks, which technically means the baby could make his/her appearance basically any time now!

I am soooo ready to have this baby. Actually I'm not, there are still some things we need to take care of before the baby arrives, but I am definitely ready TO HAVE THIS BABY OUT OF ME! Seriously, everything aches, my hips because the baby is settling and quite possibly starting to engage in my pelvis, my ribs because there are still feet lodged up there, my back because of carrying around the extra weight, and my shoulders/neck because... well I'm not sure, but may as well complete the package hey?

BH contractions are also a pain in the ass. Well they're not a pain in anything fortunately but it seems like I get them EVERY FREAKING TIME I MOVE. I know it's just because my body is practising and getting stronger so that when it pushes the baby out it can do so easily, but the ensuing rush to the loo is no fun. (Pressure on everything makes me think I have to pee, even though I don't necessarily have to)

Hehe... Can anyone tell I'm getting over this? I'm also SO impatient to meet the baby now, I want to know what my baby looks like, and hold him/her, and just cuddle and gaze at them for the first time. Not to mention finding out if Ryan and I have a son or daughter!

In other sweet news, Ryan's mum arranged a surprise baby shower for me (it was a family thing really, and because it was a surprise she couldn't ask me for phone numbers etc, so apologies to those who weren't invited) and we got some gorgeous things, and a lot of useful stuff too. I'll have to take some pics and show you all the lovely things I got. (First I have to get the camera out of the car though... that in itself will be an effort, I can't remember ANYTHING easily these days.)

I have another meeting with Julie this week, and then a midwife appointment on Monday... so there will be lots to update on soon. And hopefully the news that bubby is here in the not-to-distant future!

Well a girl can hope right...?

Miranda xxox

Thursday, April 17, 2008

35 Weeks

Naughty Miranda for not updating sooner! However I was actually not home on Tuesday till late in the evening, and somehow yesterday dissapeared.

Anyway the good news is the baby has gone head-down again! The bad news is this means there are little teeny baby feet kicking my ribs.... they do not however feel so little and teeny when they're thumping me so hard I wake up in the middle of the night!

Everything else is well though, my BP is fantastically low, and my iron levels are coming up.

Every time I go to this new Centre I get proof that I've made the right choice about where to have this little bugger, this time around it was because they informed me of my right to refuse to have a test done. (I always knew I could at Box Hill and would have said something if they wanted to amnio me or something but blood tests... eh no biggie) This is the first time in the entire 30 weeks or so that I have been seeing Dr's (and varied other medical professionals) that any one of them has informed me I have a right to refuse to have the tests done. Hooray for feeling happy about the world!

There's nothing much new to report, I have an appointment with Julie later in the week, and I'm beginning to work on a birth plan. I will have to share it when I'm done. I need to take it into my next MW appointment and refine it from there.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

34 Weeks

Wow... 34 weeks, only 6 to go! And that's assuming I don't 'pop' early like the vibes this baby is giving me!

As far as we know the baby is still head-up, although the position of the kicks have changed a bit, I know it's at least rolled over but I can't be sure which way it's pointing! However it's face-up now too (which is less ideal for labour as well) this baby just wants to do the opposite of what it's supposed to! (Definitely will be born before May 21st or whenever the zodiac becomes Gemini... this is a Taurean baby stubborn as hell like it's mum!)

I had an appointment with my Doula, Julie yesterday which was lovely. Everytime I chat with her I end up feeling so calm and confident, like even if I were to go into labour right then that it would be fine and that I could totally do it. She's shown me some exercises to do which are easier on a still-inflamed sinus cavity, and hopefully the baby will rotate with these.

She also had a bit of a poke on the belly to try and work out which way the baby was facing - not easy when baby and I are spine-to-spine as there are less hard bits for her to feel. But the point is this little one usually fights like hell with the doctors, punches and kicks and rolls and this time around it gave a couple of nudges to say 'hello' but bubs was totally calm otherwise. Must have liked her vibes, which makes me feel even more awesome about hiring Julie, Ryan and I like her, and even bubby feels comfortable around her!

The cold is easing up, it's just my nose now, and that normally runs like mad for weeks when it gets like this. I feel fine, just use lots of tissues.

I have to go and get my iron and red count checked again this week. Hopefully I've eaten enough red meat and iron supplements to bring my levels up somewhat. It's not too bad, I'm not feeling thoroughly horrible like I normally do when I'm anaemic, but they seem to be concerned about it. Only bad thing is it means I have to walk - not that walking in itself is bad - but 20 minutes there and longer back (it's uphill) will totally kill me. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Another appointment with the midwives next Tuesday so I'll let you know what the blood results are then!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My busy baby

Hopefully it will make you smile as much as it did for me. My busy little baby kicking away at my belly :)

For a better quality look go to I couldn't get the video to embed from youtube.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

33 weeks

Whoops! Where did 31 and 32 go? I know Easter weekend kind of threw me out of sync, but beyond that I'm not 100% sure where the last two weeks went. Hooray for preggo brain and being sick....

Well this week I had my first appointment with the midwives at the birth centre I have transferred to, and the news on bub is that we are doing well. Very healthy and active, good heartrate, but the little bugger is breech right now! (Bum, not head down) This is not too much of an issue yet, I am to spend lots of time on my hands and knees and rotating my hips to try and get bubs to turn around between now and my next appointment at 36 weeks. If the little one hasn't rotated by then, we're going to look at other methods of getting him/her turned around. If of course by the time I go into labour the baby hasn't turned I will be having a c-section... this is not my ideal plan, but my end goal is a safe and healthy baby so if that it what it takes, I will deal when the time comes.

Right now I am sick. This bug has lasted about 4 days now, yesterday was the worst, with earache, a sore throat, freezing to death despite being sweaty, snotty nose, aching generally from head to toe and a cough that was so bad it would make me throw up. The doctors have diagnosed a virus and prescribed lots of panadol and water. (Which is what I was doing anyway... blah) I am better today though My ears and throat hurt less, but my nose is runnier, so I can't breathe properly, but I think I will take that over the general feeling of death from yesterday.

I've got an appointment with my doula soon too (next day or two I think... CBF checking diary right now), so lots more to write about then.

Anyway, off to prop on my hands and knees for a while longer, send some baby-turning vibes my way!