Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on Zeke...

Just realised I never updated with his 2-year stats and why we were so busy on his birthday.

Well, we had a developmental check at the children's hospital as part of the follow up for his head operation. He is generally doing GREAT. Very switched on and thoughtful, he whizzed through simple puzzles that he's never had a chance to play with at home before, and his motor skills are awesome. He can thread beads, stack little blocks, post coins into a piggy bank, all kinds of things. He was pretty worn out and exhausted by the end of the day, but really enjoyed a special birthday lunch at Mc Donalds!

He's not talking heaps yet though, so we've been referred to speech therapy, just to make sure everything's on track. Given that he's only just 2, and a boy (boys generally are slower to start talking) we're not overly concerned, he does want to communicate with us, and he's far more interested in sounds (woof, moo, ding ding, beep etc) than he is in proper words! But given the LOOOOOOONG waiting list, it will be better if we get him into the system now, and have him assessed soon, even if nothing's going on and he's just stubborn (which I suspect) so that if he does actually need some speech help, he can get it sooner.

Part of that was having his hearing checked, which we got done last Friday. Again he did pretty well, but he's old enough to ignore the test sounds in favour of the toys he's playing with, and too young to give us a cooperative response (eg: tell us when you hear the noise) as he doesn't really understand what hearing is yet. So there were some sounds he definitely appeared to hear, but as he seemed to ignore them, they couldn't really be marked as heard. It was the higher pitch at very soft volume that he was ignoring, but he looked at me and made his signal for 'mouse' (not that we're teaching sign, but he's invented one of his own) when it was playing, so he definitely heard it, so again it's not a big concern, especially as he definitely heard and responded to it a year ago. He just didn't respond within the framework of the hearing test. We're going back again in 3 months to see if he'll respond better, and also hopefully teething will be over, which will take away a lot of the irritation/distraction in his head.

Of course since getting a referral to a speech therapist (the evaluation is 22/7, but we may not get an actual therapy appointment for 6-9 MONTHS) he has come up with a few new words, bear, ball, ow and Babar (the cartoon about the elephant family) furthering my theory that he's just doing things in his own time!

Now, some facts and figures...

He's about 13kg, (28ish pounds) and I think (I can't find his book to double check) 83cms tall (32 inches - not quite 3foot!) His head hasn't grown ANY, which means he is finally (for the first time ever) BACK ON THE GROWTH CURVE, he's high-end above 95% but he is back within a normal growth curve - hooray!

What else? He's still in size 1 (12-18 month) but is beginning to transition into some size 2 (24mth) for some things, he will probably be fully in 2's by the end of winter. Oh, and still eating everything in sight as usual. He LOVES weetbix, and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him.

He is in love with the Wiggles, and knows all the moves to Hot Potato, he can dance through the whole song, and uses the dance move for 'cold spaghetti' to ask for spaghetti for dinner (which he loves!) We can also sort of play Patty Cake rhymes with him, he has an awesome sense of rythym, he keeps time perfectly the whole rhyme, or he deliberately speeds up or slows down his hands to make me adjust how I'm saying the rhyme, and is very pleased when I do!

Haven't got any new photos of him though :( a friend has taken plenty, but I've got to remember to actually get a copy from her!

So that's where we're at at the moment, waiting for a speech assessment later in the month, and generally playing and having fun!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Zeke

Zeke turned 2 yesterday my goodness! (We had a busy day, so no time to blog... )

Can't believe it's been 2 years since I was looking like this:
39 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant!

Or that he started out like this :

First Family Pic Our Little Rocker

But then he grew...


And grew...


And grew some more!


And while not every day has been happy...

Angry Face

In fact, some days have been downright terrible...


Zeke has been an amazing gift...


and his rocking attitude...


sweet cuddles...

Photobucket Snuggles

cheeky grin...

Photobucket Photobucket

and enthusiasm for life...

Photobucket Photobucket

Never fail to bring me joy!


Happy Birthday to my sweet not-so-little Zeke!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

365 Photos... or not

I'm WAY behind in my photos as you probably noticed. Planning a wedding, honeymoon and then trying to get Zeke back into a normal schedule is hard work! There were just some days I didn't take photos, and to cap it off, I've broken my camera.

So the 365 photos thing is not going to happen for me, I'm too far behind, and can't take photos to catch up. Sad, seeing as I was doing so well, and really enjoying the record of what we'd been up to, but just not possible anymore :(

Will have to get busy uploading photos and get some catch-up posts started.

So things to post updates and pictures about... let's see:

  • Hen's night
  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • Zeke (because who doesn't want to hear about him & see more photos?)
We have generally been well though, no major dramas really. Zeke will be 2 on Thursday! 2 already - how can that be? He is working on his second molars on and off, thankfully they're not bothering him as badly as the first ones, his gums aren't bruised black this time, and he's not off his food. We've only got 3 more teeth to go before we're done with teething till it's time for the tooth fairy!

We've not had heaps of new words from him lately, he has added car though. It sounds a bit like "ga" but the meaning is clear! It sounds like he might be getting into the mimicking stage as well - I was talking to him about Babar - that cartoon about the elephant family, and he said "Babar" back to me, but I suspect he was just mimicking "Bubba" more than what I was saying, but time to watch my language none the less!

His current obsession is trains - he can make an '"oo-oo" sound like a steam engine whistle, and also goes "ding ding" for railway crossings, or electric trains, because they look so much like trams. He thinks the trains that run here, and trams are the same thing.

His other new love is The Wiggles - he knows the actions to all of Hot Potato, and part of D.O.R.O.T.H.Y, Henry The Octopus, Walk, and a bunch of other songs, he dances along with them - it's very cute!

Anyway, his birthday party is next weekend, best get a head start on cleaning up for then. Photos and updates to come!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Year Ago Today....

Well, yesterday now, seeing at it's after midnight! (I didn't get Zeke to bed till 14 past - little stinker!) Apologies for the shocking layout, I copied straight from another post... it formats differently.

Zeke had his operation to reshape his head. Thought you might like to see some before, during and after pics.

Notice the way the back left bulges out heaps:

The front of his head was very narrow:

Very prominent forehead and bulging fontanelle:

At the hospital, first cuddle after the op:

Sitting up and playing the very next morning:

Bandages off on day 3 post-op - you can already see a difference:

One month(ish) on, you can still see the scar, but the shape is so much better:

Six months later, the scar is all but gone:

One year later - a lovely round back of head!:

His head is less triangular too - and hair covers what tiny tiny faint line is left from the scar:

Fontanelle are smooth and no longer peaking:

He still has a big forehead (just like daddy!) but his forehead sticks out far less:

All in all he is my beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, feisty, cheerful little man. I am so incredibly lucky and blessed today. I wanted to share it with you!

Friday, April 2, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 16

Just a day at home I think, I'm mostly waiting for Photobucket to finish rotating the photo from today, and trying to remember what happened! Note to self: edit and rotate photos before uploading them, the site based editor is SOOOO slow!

Zeke is definitely becoming more determined, today he wanted weetbix for lunch, which he then decided to wear, so a bath was in order. Let me tell you, weetbix cement is not fun to clean out of a child's hair, especially one who hates having his hair washed as much as Zeke does!

He added another new word today though - teeth. I gave him his toothbrush (he always brushes teeth in the bath) and he said "teeth" clear as anything. Of course, like most of his other words, he hasn't said it since!

Tuesday 16th March 2010


Zeke LOVES going outside, apparently clothes aren't even necessary! Shoes on and he's ready to go!

365 Photos - Mar 15

Another Monday, another playgroup session, lots of lovely weather so we spent a lot of time outside, and did some finger painting with the kids. Zeke is pretty enthusiastic about painting, so we had lots of new pictures to add to his wall! (I'll do an entry for that when I find a day without photos!)

Monday 15th March 2010


One of the most popular outside toys is the steering wheel on the play equipment, Zeke and Kayleb often have battles about whose turn it is to drive. Only problem is they don't understand the concept of taking turns, and both think it is always their own turn!

365 Photos - Mar 14

My goodness I am behind! Like, A LOT behind. Been so busy with wedding plans and preparing for my hen's night, and goodness knows what else. I can't even remember what we got up to half the days I've missed. Thank goodness for writing some things on the calendar, or status updates on FB, at least I can jog my memory a little like that.

Not so much for this entry though. I think we just chilled at home.

Sunday 14th March 2010


Zeke loves playing dress ups with anything he can find, particularly things that can become hats. Here's my little goof playing around with the bucket for his blocks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 13

Another busy day. I was up early to keep tidying and to pack Zeke's bag. Zeke, Ryan, Grandave and Erin went to Healesville Sanctuary for the afternoon, while I stayed home & had my bridesmaids come for a dress fitting.

The dresses are looking GORGEOUS. The colour on the girls is just fantastic :)

Ryan came home with a very pooped Zeke, he'd only had a short nap in the car, and refused to go back down. They'd had a great time, Zeke had been especially enamoured with the yabbies, had called every bird he'd seen a duck, and didn't know whether the platypus was an 'oof', a 'duh' or an 'ah-ah' (dog, duck or cat!)

I'd charged my camera and sent Ryan off with a full battery and empty card, only to find he hadn't taken ONE photo. Erin had taken heaps, but still... not even one!

Went to Cat's for dinner again, but both Kayleb and Zeke were pooped so we didn't stay long at all, the boys were tired, screamy and fighting with each other the whole time. Zeke was VERY glad to get to bed!

Saturday 13th March 2010


Zeke taking a turn at pool... the cue's a little long for him though!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 12

Friday... Zeke resumed with the crankies. He was upset because we'd borrowed CJ's car to get to music class, and had to go past their house to drop CJ home again, and Zeke was utterly distraught we didn't go inside to play with Kayleb. He cried for 15 minutes, really sad crying with big fat disappointed tears rolling down his face. He cheered up when we got to music, but was not quite himself the rest of the day.

Grandma came to visit in the evening, and took Zeke for a walk in his pram before dinner, which definitely put him in a better mood, although he was back to whining and clinging as soon as they got back. He was pretty thrilled with dinner though - his very own prawn skewer, and then having Grandma around to bath him instead of boring old Mummy!

Friday 12th March 2010


Zeke loves prawn skewers, but on seeing how Ryan & I eat them (straight from the stick) he refused to let me separate them onto his plate, and insisted on going at it himself - what a big boy!

365 Photos - March 11

Thursday was a busy day! We were up early, and I decided to take Zeke on the bus to Mountain Gate shops to put some more money on my wedding ring, and to have a look in the really cute clothing store for something for Zeke to wear to the wedding.

Zeke did NOT like the bus. He cried every time someone got off, because he thought we should be getting off too, but we got there in the end, and went to the jewellers, then started to look for the shop I had seen last time. Took me ages to find where it should have been, and turned out it had closed since the last time I'd been there!

We grabbed some lunch after that, and Zeke decided he would only eat the little things of tomato sauce I had bought for him to eat with his chips! Caught the bus home, and Zeke went straight down for a nap, and I got online to chat with my JM buddies!

Once Zeke was up again, I realised I needed to get something for dinner, so back on the bus to the shops. Not having a car sucks sometimes! I also found Zeke's suit for the wedding, turns out there is a GREAT, well-priced shop right near us and the lady who owns it is lovely, will be heading back for shoes soon.

Boy were we pooped by the end of the day! Zeke was down early, as was I!

Thursday 11th March 2010


And impromptu family photo as we snuggled up with Zeke ready for bed. As normal, Zeke looked away from the camera, he always does this for these types of photos!

365 Photos - Mar 10

Woot for 6 days behind again... this seems to be a recurring pattern for me.

Wednesday was a day of ultimate cranky. Zeke woke up on the wrong side of the bed and remained there for most of the day. There was very little that could cheer him up, not even a visit from Aunty Kyla in the evening. Spent most of the day playing around trying to find out where my happy little boy had gone, and why he was replaced with this whiny, cranky grizzling beast!

Wednesday 10th March 2010


I made chicken parma, with wedges and salad for dinner, and although it's blurry, here's a shot of Zeke chowing down on some lettuce. He's finally learned to chew it and now cannot get enough!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 9

Wahoo - caught up again! After this I'm watching the NCIS episode we recorded, and then off to bed - I'm worn out, today was busy!

We needed to do a couple of things today, and unable to borrow a car, we decided to take the bus to Knox City (a nearby shopping centre.) This was Zeke's first time (in his memory, he was 3 months old and asleep the last time) on a bus, so he was a little freaked out, but settled down soon enough, and watched everything go by.

We got everything we needed to do done (Ryan got his shirt for the wedding - hooray!) and then went up to the food court for lunch. Ryan headed off to Subway to get his & my lunch, and I walked around with Zeke to find something for him.

We stopped at one of those little Asian places, which had the tuna seaweed rolls he loves, so I lifted him up to show him what there was and asked him if he wanted a tuna roll, and he said no. We moved along the display case a little more, and I asked if he wanted fried rice, or Singapore noodles, he looked at both carefully and pointed to the noodles! He's getting so grown up, and he was really happy sitting in the high chair at the food court and eating his noodles too :)

Back home on the bus Zeke wet right through his nappy and onto my lap - oops! We were glad to get home, and Zeke was glad to get into a dry nappy and off for a nap!

Grandma dropped in for a visit this evening, and Zeke was happy to show off to her for a while too, telling her Uh-oh, and showing her he knows how to take his nappy off! He does it almost as soon as he's wet now too... looks like he's getting warmed up for potty training!

Tuesday 9th March 2010


Zeke broke a pair of my sunglasses, but still likes to play with them, even as they are. He likes to put them on me too, and then usually smacks a big kiss on the one lens that is left! Apparently half a pair of sunglasses are essential bedwear!

365 Photos - Mar 8

Another busy morning, although thankfully Zeke let me sleep in a little. I finished cleaning up in the kitchen, got all of the veggies for dinner prepared, and told Facebook breastfeeding isn't obscene... ALL before playgroup :)

Zeke decided he didn't want his usual nap, and went down only 40 minutes before we had to leave, so I had to wake him to go, and when I get to Cat's I find out Kayleb had done the same thing... must have been in the air that morning.

Cat & I decided to cut playgroup short, as both the boys were tired, and the weather was looking iffy and we didn't want to get soaked on the walk home. We did catch a little bit, but nothing a coffee at Cat's house couldn't fix!

Back home, I finished making lasagne for dinner, and discovered I had got WAAAAAY excited and went overboard with quantities, ended up with a lot more than I planned. Never mind - more for the freezer!

Granny and some of Zeke's aunties came for dinner, and Zeke was in a crazy show-off mood. He jumped around everywhere, played with his toys, and put on a show for everyone. He was a bit worked up and hard to get to bed once they left, but he was obviously pooped as he slept through, and slept in this morning!

Monday 8th March 2010


3 - that's right 3 trays of lasagne! The big one was used on Monday night, Ryan Zeke and I had the smaller white dish for dinner on Tuesday night, and the glass one has gone in the freezer for a night I decide I don't want to cook!

365 Photos - Mar 7

Sunday... two days ago, but I was so pooped I can barely remember what we did! Ryan had a sleep in, so I played with Zeke during the morning, and then caught up on some dishes and photo blogging while he napped.

Pete & Kat came around for dinner in the evening. Coles BBQ chicken and pasta salad in rolls yum! I was starving, I had two at dinner time, and then when we were watching NCIS reruns, I had another roll with butter... crazy! Think it was the sudden drop in temperature, cold always makes me hungry.

Ended up staying up too late, and just as I was about to go to bed Zeke woke up, and I brought him into the lounge room to have a cuddle with Ryan and he saw that his wooden building blocks were all over the floor still and HAD to pick them up and put them away - at 2.30 am! He saw them, and he wouldn't stop whining and fighting us till we let him go, and he toddled over and put most of them back in the tub, then carried the tub to its usual place! Of course he was hard to get back to sleep after that, but he was obviously most satisfied with his cleaning efforts. Ended up cuddling him in our bed till he was ready to go back to sleep - took nearly 45 minutes ugh!

Sunday 7th March 2010


We're really lucky with Mocha, she's extremely affectionate, and very patient and gentle, not at all aggressive. Even though I don't think she is very bright, she has a wonderful nature and will put up with almost anything.

365 Photos - Mar 6

Zeke decided to get up earlier than usual for some reason, and was cranky during the day too. I was tired as well, and there was not enough coffee in the world to make the morning a pleasant place - blah!

Today's big event, was (as most Melbournians will agree) was undoubtedly the MASSIVE hailstorm we had in the late afternoon. We had expected some rain or storming during the day, but what we hadn't expected were hailstones the size of golfballs pelting us! There was so much rain, our driveway was a complete wash out too. The gutters on the road were overflowing and the rain was just streaming down our driveway. The corner a little way down from us was completely flooded as well, only 4wd could get through, and they were almost up to their windows!

No serious damage though, my car (which is dead anyway) has a few small dints in the roof from the hail, and a hailstone hit the plastic casing on the cat flap on the back door and cracked it, but otherwise fine. Zeke was not at all scared (although Ryan and I were worried the hailstones would break the windows with how hard they were hitting) and just watched the whole thing from his high chair.

Saturday 6th March 2010


Mid-storm, taken through the window (no way was I going out in that!) You can see the layer of hailstones forming on the ground, and the streams of water running down the drive - intense!

365 Photos - Mar 5

Up and off to music class on Friday morning. Zeke may take a little convincing to play his instruments along to the music, but he sure knows what it means when the music stops. He's up on his feet like a shot to give it back to Judy and to wait for a new one! He really does enjoy it though, he keeps asking me to put his Mini Maestro's CD on during the day so we can dance!

The weather was pretty rainy so we decided to stay inside for the rest of the day, but despite avoiding the mud Zeke managed to be utterly disgusting (both in cleanliness and personality) by the evening, so it was into a desperately needed bath and into bed. I think it was the humidity, it hadn't really cooled down, so he was pretty sweaty and sticky, which in turn made him cranky!

Actually, the disgustingness may have had something to do with the FOUR (yes, 4) entire meals he ate during the day. Weetbix for breakfast, leftover chicken stroganoff for lunch, scrambled eggs with (ham, cheese and peas) on toast for dinner, then he decided he was hungry again when Ryan & I were having dinner, and had another entire serve of strog! (Not adult-sized serves by any means, but a whole toddler sized plateful!) If he's about to do a growth spurt, I want to know BEFORE I buy him nice clothes for the wedding!

Friday 5th March 2010


Zeke is trying very hard these days to put his own pants on. He can't quite coordinate his foot into the right hole, but he's certainly got the idea! He will pull them up most of the way once they're on though - and is expert at taking them off, especially for bath time!

365 Photos - Mar 4

Zeke was awake early and restless, so I decided to take a walk with him to the shops. We needed lunch and dinner for the day anyway, so I loaded him in the pram and off we went. When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he told me "anana" (Banana) but I decided on chicken stroganoff instead.

On our way back, I decided to see which lot of shops was closer to us (there are two that seem about equal distance away, but in opposite directions) so we hopped on a train, we only went one station, but I decided the Ferntree Gully shops are much closer than Boronia, the walk back was a killer! There's a lot more uphill coming home from Boronia... won't be doing that one again in a hurry.

Grandave and Aunty Erin came around for a visit in the afternoon, and Grandma (my mum) dropped in during the evening, it was a busy day! Then Uncle Jay (his godfather minus the god part) came for dinner as well - it was good dinner too, Zeke kept going "MMMMMMM" with every bite!

Thursday 4th March 2010


Mocha went crazy for a bug that got in the house while I was making dinner... even to the point of climbing the flyscreen! She's getting bigger sure, but she's definitely still a kitten at heart!

365 Photos - Mar 3

I seem to be holding steady at 6 days behind right now, but I would like to try and catch up again.

Wednesday was a quiet day, I didn't even take many photos. We went for a bit of a walk around the back streets in the morning, and Zeke took a nap when we got home.

The Minister who will be marrying us came around in the afternoon to do all the paper work, so the wedding will be legal - yay!

Zeke was extra lucky today, he got two walks! Daddy took him out on the trike for a bit while I made dinner, special, I only put him in the pram because I suck at steering the trike!

Wednesday 3rd March 2010


Here's some artwork we did today, I drew around Zeke's hand for him. Love the 3 hands!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 2

Just another quiet Tuesday really. Mondays really do wear us out! Zeke played some more box games, the novelty STILL hasn't worn off. I dread to think what will happen when it finally collapses! (It gets pretty hard use between him and Mocha LOL!)

We also did some more drawing, and some dancing. (He holds my hands and jumps around - but when we get to music on Friday, he refuses to participate... cheeky boy!)

Tuesday 2nd March 2010


Zeke after a bath, Ryan decided to wrap the towel like it was a toga, I especially love the way he was holding it... he really looked the part!

365 Photos - Mar 1

Slightly in shock that it should be MARCH already. Not sure where the last two months went, even though I have a daily record of each one now! Although Granny wasn't coming for dinner, we were able to see her in the morning, when she came to give Ryan a lift somewhere, Zeke was very surprised to see her, although he decided he was much too busy drawing and playing to actually talk to her... cheeky thing. I was able to show her the photos of my wedding dress, so excited to be able to show SOMEONE! (I want to keep it a surprise for most people for the big day, but it's so lovely and I'm so excited about it, I need to be able to show it off a little!)

After a LONG nap, time for playgroup! The weather was lovely, although there was rain due later in the day, so we sent the boys outside, we didn't stay as long as we would have liked though, because of the clouds coming in (Cat & I walk to playgroup and didn't want to get caught out) plus the boys' moods were not so great, and we had to pick up Monique from school.

Because Zeke had skipped lunch, I made him sandwiches to take with us, ham, cheese & lettuce. Zeke wasn't hungry, so Kayleb and Nick (the other boy in playgroup) had most of it... naturally it meant Zeke was starving come dinner.

Back to Cat's house, where we set the boys loose again, and ended up staying for pizza. The boys were starving while they waited though, so they had noodles instead, and oh my goodness... I didn't know they could make such a mess! It took Cat & I like 10 minutes to pick all the teeny tiny squishy noodle pieces out of the rug!

Monday 1st March 2010


Zeke has been getting more adventurous with climbing, this was a small set of steps on a plastic play structure, it's only about 3 feet high, it's one of those portable ones you can buy for the back yard. Not a full playground structure. He wouldn't get off the steps onto the platform, but climbing to the top and then back down again is a huge milestone! I was very proud of him, and as you can see, he was proud of himself!

365 Photos - Feb 28

Finally caught up with February. Pity I'm already a week behind in March... I should do this more often!

Sunday morning was pretty quiet, after a late-ish and busy Saturday. Zeke decided to nap later, because he woke up later, which threw our plans off. I was supposed to head up to Kat's for hair practise for the wedding, ended up doing a full dress rehearsal - looks stunning by the way - and Ryan wanted to work on the skyline with Pyro and AB. Zeke's being asleep meant I had to leave him at home, and Ryan had to keep an ear out for him, so slowed down the car fixing progress considerably, but they did get it started!

Once everyone was back up at Kat & Pyro's we had dinner, Nandos, a particularly spicy (if you order it so) Portuguese chicken, Zeke mostly had chips, but still stole bites of my wrap, which was quite hot and loved it!

Home again, all worn out and excited about my dress! When I came out in it, even Zeke stopped and went "Ohhhh!" Can't wait till the big day to wear it properly!

Sunday 28th February 2010


Pete and Kat had been to the ACDC concerts earlier in the week, and had bought these very cool devil horns, naturally we couldn't resist popping them on Zeke's head for a shot of his 'true' nature :P

365 Photos - Feb 27

Saturday turned out to be busy! Zeke was up early (he's getting into a slightly different routine) again, so he napped early, which was great - gave me time to get baking! (Had a birthday cake to make for the evening)

Grandave picked us up to have lunch at his house. After stuffing down a massive sandwich with ham, cheese and lettuce, Zeke played the piano a bit, and then went outside for a while and checked out the garden with Grandave and Aunty Corrie.

Once we were home again, I decorated the birthday cake for Monique's birthday (CJ's daughter) while Ryan and Zeke played and got ready. Once we were up at Cat & CJ's Zeke and Kayleb had a lovely evening playing, although the bath was not successful, they both cracked the sads for some reason.

Monique's butterfly cake was a big hit though, everyone loved it. Zeke couldn't get enough!

Saturday 27th February 2010


While Zeke ran around the back yard at Grandave's I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. He loves this stack of wood next to the fence for some reason, he kept running back to sit on it. He does it every time we're there!

365 Photos - Feb 26

Friday again, meant music class. My car had crapped itself during the week so we'd borrowed a friend's car, which was an auto. I've never driven an auto on the road before, so I was freaking out about not having a clutch the whole way there! I got Ryan to come with us to make sure I didn't do anything ridiculous, so he drove home.

We stopped at Hungry Jack's on the way home, and Zeke had 1/2 a cheeseburger and some chips. After his nap he woke up hungry again and polished off the cheeseburger! I've gone blank on what we had for dinner (it was well over a week ago now lol) but he ate heaps of that too! He never ceases to amaze me with all the different things he eats, and how much of it too.

Friday 26th February 2010


I had picked up the loungeroom, and reorganised everything while Zeke was asleep, then when he got up to play again, I left the room for 5 minutes... and came back to this! The whole room was tidy before hand...