Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's been a busy two days, lots of people, more food and even more presents! We are over full, over tired and over excited... but we are alive! :)

Lots of exciting gifts, the number one being my gorgeous camera! There will be LOTS more pics to share from now on!

Here's one to keep you going while I learn how to use my new 'toy'!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Because my Internet is capped...

and uploading anything will take like an hour, this is a text-only update, seeing as it's also been over a month since I did anything! Not that I have a camera, but there are some webcam shots I should try and post in the morning.

Zeke had his 18mo check today, it was our first with the new nurse since we moved. What is it with women named Cheryl being nurses? Anyway, Cheryl is lovely, and approved of the way I spoke to Zeke when he was having a tantrum. ("Yes, I can hear you yelling, but I need to finish writing this first, then I'll play with you again")

Zeke weighs in at 12.55kgs (27.5 lbs) - that's a 1.2 Kg gain in 3 months! Good to know all that food is going somewhere! That boy can EAT! The other day for lunch he had 3/4 of a seaweed roll with cooked tuna & rice (he even ate the seaweed), 1 scoop of penne pasta in sauce, 250mls of juice, a churro with dipping chocolate (Spanish fried doughnuts, only not doughnut shaped) and a babycino! (frothed milk & chocolate dust.) He then had spaghetti for dinner, and half an hour later stole half a potato and 3 bites of steak from my dinner! My boy can eat!

He's 79cms tall, I've already forgotten the conversion for that... 31 inches I think... *checks FB status* yes, 31 and a bit inches. About what I guessed he'd be.

Chickenpox Vax today as well... no big deal. He shouted pretty loud though! He got over it when he met a cute little girl who gave him one of her biscuits :) My boy is such a flirt!

He's now 75th Percentile for weight (just above average) and 25% for height (just under average) and his head circumference (51cm) is slowly coming back onto the charts. We are closer than last time! We were supposed to have a check up for his head at the hospital at the end of October, (boy was that a freaking saga... remind me to tell you about that later!) He's now completely in Size 1 clothing, although the arms and legs are still a little long, size 0's are just too tight!

We've not had heaps of new words recently. He's started to use the same words to mean a lot of different things. All birds are now "Duh" (duck) and he sometimes actually SAYS "duck" I've only heard it a couple of times though. He's still really good at the non-verbal communication, showing you what he wants, or leading you to something he can't reach.

Actually I lie, we have had a few new words, new sentences actually. He's only said them once, and I'm not 100% convinced my ears weren't playing tricks on me, but at the same time it was very clear! He has said "I want my brrm brrm" (brrm is his word for anything with wheels) while reaching up to his train that was on the table, and also "Come back Daddy!" when Ryan came out of the kitchen and headed towards the back of the house instead of the lounge where we were sitting. Unfortunately Ryan didn't hear either of them, so I think he just thinks I'm crazy.

Oh, you might have noticed I wrote "Daddy"... that's because Zeke calls us Mummy and Daddy now! He still says Mama a bit, and Dada most of the time, but unlike 'Mama' which he uses to refer to any older female, and 'Dada' which can be anyone at all, Mummy and Daddy are very specifically referring to Ryan and I! How totally cool! :D

We are almost done with teething for a while, he is just cutting his top right canine, and then we are done till 2-year molars! They came in so quickly and all at once, plus he didn't like me checking on them so I'm not really sure WHEN they came in other than sometime during Sept-Oct.

There's a whole bunch of stuff I want to update about the wedding too, but I'll leave this post all about my gorgeous boy!

Miranda xoxox