Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 22

Whoo-hoo, caught up agian!

Zeke woke up sometime during the night and came into our bed, so we were up a bit earlier, but that meant he got in a good long sleep before playgroup. Somehow, this didn't stop him & Kayleb having a lot of fights about who got to play with certain toys!

Despite the brawls, they're pretty great together, as soon as the boys saw each other, they walked up and gave each other a hug and a kiss without Cat or I prompting - so cute! Zeke has a habit of walking over and kissing Kayleb at random too - he's such an affectionate little man.

Granny and 2 aunties for dinner tonight, and Zeke was thrilled with that. He ate HEAPS for dinner as well, 3 fish fingers, some potato, some beans & peas, and some capsicum and lettuce. Yes, he's actually eating lettuce now!

He was in bed at a good time as well - actually I should do the same, he's probably going to get up at stupid am just because I'm up late!

Monday 22nd February 2010


This was one of the finer moments in the boys' behaviour this afternoon, on Cat's back verandah. They were playing peek-a-boo behind around the chair, and cracking each other up no end - pity they weren't like that the whole time, Cat & I thought it was gorgeous!

365 Photos - Feb 21

Well it was Ryan's turn to get sick overnight, although he took himself to the ER. The same virus Zeke had made his asthma flare up really badly, so Sunday was very quiet as well. I pottered around and did some cleaning, but generally we all just chilled out.

The best part of the day was Zeke waking up at his usual time, napping at his usual time - and GOING TO BED at his usual time. Woot! Made being horrid to him on Saturday worth it! He had a lovely long play in the bath before bed too - he's getting so good at pouring water to and from his cups, and worked out on his own how to fill an old bubble bath bottle by holding it under the water for longer instead of just scooping like a cup. Smarty pants or what?

Sunday 21st February 2010


While I was tidying up, I spotted the rose Ryan had given me for V-day and decided to take a comparison pic of the change a week makes. Interesting enough, but I need to learn to compose shots better.

365 Photos - Feb 20

Saturday ended up being busy, we had to go put a deposit on my wedding ring, buy envelopes for wedding invites, and stop by Grandave's to pick something up as well. It meant that Zeke missed his usual nap, and he was pooped, bored and cranky in the shops, but had a wonderful time playing with Grandave, and even said 'Camera' again! He also showed Grandave how fantastic he's getting at jumping, and all the different animal noises he can make (as well as scoffing half a slice of toast with tuna and grilled cheese!)

By the time we got home it was so late in the afternoon, I only let him have 45 minutes to sleep, otherwise I knew he'd be up all night. I felt horrible waking him up, he was so tired. Thankfully our usual Saturday playdate was off this week, but ZEKE WENT TO BED AT A NORMAL TIME! Ryan and I both breathed a huge sigh of relief, and followed not long after!

Saturday 20th Feb 2010


Another thing Zeke loves as well as drawing and building is music. (Although he gets all shy in music classes!) He has a xylophone, a kazoo, a mini drumkit and a toy guitar, but best of all is Grandave's piano - he heads straight for it as soon as we arrive there. I got Ryan to play with him this time, I can't actually play anything, and it was nice for Zeke to play with someone who can play something properly.

365 Photos - Feb 19

Friday was music again - hooray! Somehow ended up being a little late to that, not really sure what happened there, the morning just kind of got away from us.

Zeke wouldn't nap when we got home though, which was frustrating, meant he was so tired and miserable later in the day, although he did go to bed a little easier.

We decided to have Hungry Jacks on Friday night as well, I was so proud of Zeke, he sat up in his high chair, and held and ate a cheeseburger all by himself! He's really getting grown up now - even checked out one of the waitresses - cheeky boy!

Friday 19th February 2010


Unfortunately I'd left my camera at home so I only have photos of Zeke and his cheeseburger on my phone, and I didn't end up taking anything else, so I snapped a photo of the gorgeous portraits we had done in Feb 08... I can't believe this was a year ago! How much Zeke has grown... I've not changed much though!

(Apologies for the crappy lighting. It's too dark w/out the flash, but reflects with it. )

Monday, February 22, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 18

Another quiet blah day with a late start. Really didn't get up to much at all. Tried to get Zeke to have a shorter nap (in hope of a better bedtime) but instead fell asleep on the couch myself - genius! Still, I got him down by 11, which was definitely an improvement!

Ryan was out at bedtime too, which didn't make things easy, Zeke was very disappointed that he didn't get to say goodnight to Daddy, and sat in his cot crying "Dada Dada Dada" every time I tried to put him to bed. My little heart-breaker!

Thursday 18th February 2010


Here's my sleepy-head boy rubbing his eyes in the morning. I had woken him up a little earlier. Funnily enough, he's wearing a shirt that says "Heart Breaker" on it - very appropriate given his bedtime antics later on in the day!

365 Photos - Feb 17

So... Wednesday was a bit of a write-off after the crappy bedtime we had. It was warm/humid too, which made Zeke cranky, not to mention the last of that virus bugging him.

We went shopping with Grandma for a little while, and I FOUND MY WEDDING RING! (You all have to wait till the big day to see it, unless you're a JM friend though :P)

Despite doing my best to wear Zeke out again (and waking him up earlier) he was still horrid at bedtime again, I think we got him down maybe slightly earlier, but no easy task all the same!

Wednesday 17th February 2010


Zeke loves drawing, so we got him an easel with a whiteboard for Christmas. It's the perfect height for him, and it means there's less paper strewn around the house - awesome! Anyway, he's worked out that he can smudge the marks with his hand (less awesome, the texta goes on his hands, and then on everything else) to change the effect of the drawing, and he is quite deliberate about it, this is one of his finished products. I love the pink & black colour scheme - really vibrant!

365 Photos - Feb 16

Playing catch up again! I just got caught up from last week, and then this weeks flown by somehow.

Tuesday was quiet, because on Monday night Zeke became extremely unsettled and appeared to have a red blotchy rash all over, not raised or anything, just red, as well as being quite sweaty (but no fever) and sounding rather hoarse and congested, so off we went back to the ER late at night. Of course the rash had all but disappeared by the time we got there!

The Paediatric doctor took FOREVER to come down to the ER, but said he had a virus, and generally seemed okay, and off we went back home, all of us VERY tired. Could have done without the midnight trip, but rash + young child = probably not serious, but needs to be seen right away.

Unfortunately a late night on Saturday, and what ended up being a late night on Sunday with V-day dinner, and then this midnight ER run meant Tuesday night bedtime was FOUL... I think it was 12.30am before I got Zeke to bed at last... only problem is I'm so tired after that, that I sleep in too, and don't get up in time to wake Zeke at his regular time to try and get him back into routine.

Zeke did do something awesome on Tuesday though, he learned a new word - Uh oh! He says it whenever his blocks fall down, it's more like a hoot the way he ways it though, very high pitched, but the meaning is clear, and he will knock his blocks down deliberately in order to say it! He's got heaps of new words now - which is so much fun, but still not communicating regularly with them. Just waiting for the day he suddenly replies to me with a whole sentence rather than babble or a single word!

Tuesday 16th February 2010


Part of our quiet day was lots of fun stacking Zeke's blocks. He loves them... I regret buying 100 of them when I'm collecting them from every corner of the loungeroom (it's an odd shaped room, so there are 7 corners!) but the fun he has is well worth it. Ryan, as you can see loves them too. I love the way Zeke is posing in this one as well - he's such a cutie!

Monday, February 15, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 15

Up to date at last! Can I sleep yet?

Zeke slept in after last night's hysteria so he didn't get a nap in before playgroup, so he was shattered most of this afternoon. Fingers crossed he won't wake up tonight! I need some rest!

Playgroup was great as always, and on the way there the boys had an ACTUAL conversation, Cat & I were very impressed. It went something like this:

Kayleb: Would you care for another pizza flavoured Shape Zeke?

Zeke: No thank you Kayleb, I believe 6 is my limit!

Kayleb: Of course, I will enjoy it instead - thanks!

Okay... maybe I exaggerate a little (a lot!) It was more like this...

Kayleb: *holds pizza flavoured Shape out to Zeke* Babbles at him. (Cathryn and I stop and pull the prams level, they have been passing biscuits back and forth this whole time like this)

Zeke: *Shakes his head and turns away from the offered snack* Babbles back

Kayleb: *Takes biscuit back and eats it himself*

Not quite a full conversation, but Kayleb said something Zeke understood, who then replied in a way that Kayleb understood. How awesome?!

Had Granny and some of the aunties around for dinner, which seeing as I'm so pooped Ryan cooked, although I did the hard bit ;) Zeke is now in bed, and has already woken up once. He's sounding a bit chesty now... but seems to have settled with his mattress elevated. I hope it's just this hot again/cold again/windy/pollen-y/rainy/sunny weather and not an actual bug!

Monday 15th January 2010


Zeke loves the little doll strollers at playgroup, they're the first thing he heads for - anything he can push around on wheels! He was especially pleased I found a baby for him to give a ride to as well. I think I need to get him one of his own.

365 Photos - Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, my beloved Ryan let me sleep in, thank goodness, seeing as I had a busy day... lots of cooking! Ryan and Zeke played for most of the day, while Kat & I organised a Valentine's dinner for her, Pyro, Ryan & I, and also a surprise dinner for Cat & CJ. We ended up making:

Roast chicken & potatoes w/ gravy
Garlic Bread
Peas, Beans, Corn & Carrots
Peach & Custard tart (homemade base & custard)

and for our friends:

Bolognaise pasta bake
Cheese & Garlic Pizza
Chocolate Cake

We were exhausted, satisfied and full at the end of it all! All except for Zeke... he cracked it at bedtime, took us till 12.30am to get him to sleep - lots of screaming and refusal to sleep. Then he was up again and needed to come to bed with us. Not cool!

Sunday 14th February 2010


Normally we're fairly happy to let Valentine's Day go by without much fuss, but seeing as it was also Pyro & Kat's first anniversary we decided to do something a bit special. Ryan also got into the spirit and bought me the second flower he's ever given me in almost 5 years - hence the photo!

365 Photos - Feb 13

Saturday was busy! I had the dressmaker for my bridesmaid dresses (and all the bridesmaids, and mum, and my aunt and grandma!) come around to get the girls fitted up for their dresses!

Oh boy was it noisy... so much chatter. Zeke was pooped, he wouldn't nap properly, all the noise and general activity kept him awake for ages. He crashed the second everyone left!

Around to Cat & CJ's for dinner again, the boys were both pretty tired though, we needed to keep them fairly separate for a lot of the evening so they wouldn't fight. They both mellowed out nicely after the bath though - hooray!

Saturday 13th February 2010


This, obviously is after their bath (hence PJ's) and they were sitting down to watch some Wiggles, chill out and have a few snacks. We're drilling the idea of sharing into them, so they now both try and share any food they have with the other - cute!

365 Photos - Feb 12

Friday meant music again! Zeke was more into it this week. He especially loved the prop we made - a coloured star on the paddle pop stick. There's a particular song we wave it during, and he's had me sing it many times since, waving his star all the while!

Grandma came around for a while, to help me tidy up for visitors on Saturday, but I was really so pooped as soon as Zeke went for a nap so did I!

Aunty Kyla visited in the evening too, Zeke was thrilled as always to have visitors!

Friday 12th February 2010


Zeke & Aunty Kyla reading after his bath, all ready for bed. His favourite par tof reading is pointing to everything on the pages and having you name it (rock, tree, cat, etc) It was 10 minutes of "Iggle Piggle, Pontipines, Upsy Daisy!"-ing that made Kyla decide to never ever let her children watch In The Night Garden!

365 Photos - Feb 11

Thursday... I was up early to meet the guy coming to fix the window, who then of course was over an hour late. Zeke & Ryan BOTH slept through all the noise!

Out again with Cherie, this time to Knox in search of the perfect bridesmaid shoes. Ryan dropped us off this time, and would pick us up later, because he needed the car during the day. Of course the second we get there, Zeke who had slept in, and only been awake for an hour or so immediately decided he was tired. Shopping with cranky baby = no fun! Took a LOT to distract him long enough to find some lovely shoes. Then Ryan took ages to pick us up... Zeke & I were exhausted when we got home, so had a lovely quiet evening.

Thursday 11th February 2010


Because we were all so tired Zeke had noodles for dinner, unfortunately he loves to play with them as well... makes a huge mess!

Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 10

I was up early to vacuum the carpet as we were having some people to visit, and Zeke's sleeping skills impressed me once again. I ran the vacuum outside his bedroom door, and at one point dropped the metal tubing, making an almighty racket and he didn't even flinch.

Turned out to be a quieter morning than we were expecting with some of our guests being really busy and only able to drop by for a few minutes, but was lovely to see everyone all the same! Zeke turned into a great show off when Keira arrived, he gave her toys, scooted around on his little bike, and generally showed off.

We went to Nandos for dinner, and I discovered the merits of extra-extra hot sauce... I think the skin in my mouth is STILL healing! The waitresses fell in love with Zeke, and gave him a helium balloon, which he absolutely adored. Took a lot of convincing to get him to bed without the balloon!

Wednesday 10th February 2010


Zeke was playing with his balloon after the bath, it was a hard shot to get all of him and the balloon (we have cathedral ceilings in the hallway, so the balloon was rising right up - it had to have a long ribbon so we could retrieve it!) and he was still naked, so I didn't really need to capture his 'bits' as well.

Anyway, although you can't see the balloon, he is still utterly delighted!

365 Photos - Feb 9

Tuesday - Zeke was cranky! Heat, teething, terrible twos... I'm still not sure. We were supposed to go shopping with Cherie, but decided to stay home and rest instead. I needed to tidy up for visitors the next day anyway.

In the evening, we went around to Leah's for dinner, and while Zeke was having his bath, he said ANOTHER new word - bubble! Leah & I both heard it, and kind of looked to each other to be sure he'd said it. That makes 7 new words recently, although camera, thank you and bubble have only been said once.

I really think we may be hitting the word explosion as Zeke has also got a new sound 'ga' although I am not 100% sure if it means something or if he's just impressed he can say it!

Tuesday 9th February 2010


Zeke was playing cute with Ryan under his high chair, and I had to get in with the camera! This is a bit of a milestone for Zeke, he's not been crazy about climbing under things in the past, so pretty impressed by this as well. He won't reach under his cot yet, but a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have reached under his chair either!

365 Photos - Feb 8

Monday meant back at playgroup! Zeke slept in HEAPS, and wouldn't nap before we went, so of course was a bit tired and cranky. The heat wasn't fantastic either, and when we got back to Cat's we filled the baby bath with the hose for the boys to play in, they had an absolute riot, water was everywhere, and they both needed a full change of clothes, but at least they were cool and had fun!

Zeke impressed me very much as well, he said 'camera' clear as anything! He hasn't said it since of course, but Cat & I both heard it exactly! Then, later he told Cat 'thank you', repeating what she'd said. I didn't hear that one, but two words in one day! So proud!

Back home I got Ryan & Zeke packed up to go to Julia's for dinner, while I was off to a committee meeting for playgroup. Get in car, start engine, fuel light comes on, detour via a petrol station, and pull up outside the centre to see all the cars there already. Never mind, race in, seeing the meeting already in progress, and apologise profusely, it's only once I sat down and looked at the clock that I realised it was only 20 past 7, and the meeting wasn't supposed to start till 7.30?! I'm the committee secretary this year. Have to take minutes at meetings, pretty mundane, but liveable.

Anyway, after the meeting, head around to Cat's, Kayleb's in bed, and Ryan still has Zeke so we figure it's time for coffees and normal adult conversation... till well after midnight! Had a riot of a time, lots of giggling, shared stories of misspent youth, and too much coffee! Definitely good for one's spirit though.

Monday 8th February 2010


Cat & I took on a messy, but fun art project at playgroup - shaving cream and paint. The boys LOVED it, but it was a big clean up job... took us forever to make the place spotless again! Well worth the work and mess though, we got some awesome pictures, but we wont be doing it again in a hurry!

365 Photos - Feb 7

I am so far behind! I've been crazy busy though, had something to do practically every day this week, but I want to get caught up again while there's a lull, so I don't get too far behind, and then even further when things get busy again.

Sunday we went to see Cherie, and hung out with her for a bit, then decided to go get seaweed rolls for lunch. Drove all the way to Eastland, only to discover I'd forgotten my wallet. Drive home again, and Zeke falls asleep in the car, so I decide seeing as Ryan's still home, to put him down for a nap and Cherie & I would go out again. Zeke won't sleep - naturally, but Ryan was exhausted and hungover from the night before, so we packed up the car again with Zeke and headed out again.

Zeke naturally was pooped while we were there, but was still pretty good, stuffed down a tuna seaweed roll, even with a little soy sauce! (He wanted some for himself as soon as he saw me adding it to mine) We went shopping with Cherie to find a couple of things she needed to wear with her bridesmaid dress, but by then we were really tired, and couldn't find any good shoes anyway.

Bumped into someone from the past, who I had not expected to see, and did not expect to say something she did - all good, but did my head in somewhat.

We had dinner at Pete & Kat's, and Zeke had a bath while we were there... their poor cat Specks LOVES playing in the bath when it's empty and couldn't understand what all this water was, and why this small naked screaming thing kept splashing her! Mocha has at least learned to stay out of the way or deal with it.

Anyway the photo!

Sunday 7th February 2010


Right next to where we sat down for lunch they had one of those rides you put a dollar in and it plays music and moves for a bit. Zeke HAD to have a turn, he absolutely loved it, and chucked a pretty epic screaming fit when I carried him away. I still haven't actually put any money in one of those, the longer he can have fun for free the better!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 6

Daddy headed off early with his groomsmen to get suits for the wedding, so Zeke and I decided to head out with Grandma to visit her cousin. Naturally, when needing to leave at 1.30, Zeke decides his usual 11.30am nap time is redundant and doesn't sleep until 12.40. Although he was obviously a bit tired, he was on his absolutely best behaviour! Such a good boy :)

After that visit, it was home for a quick nappy change, re-pack his back and go to Kayleb's for dinner! (It's our Saturday night routine now!) The boys had a lovely time playing, although neither of them ate much dinner, some law of toddler logic I guess. After dinner we put them both in the bath, and boy was it a splashy one! They were having heaps of fun, and Cathryn and I were laughing too hard to stop them. Zeke got a bit overwhelmed by it in the end, but it was great fun! I was so drenched I had to change my clothes. Thank goodness for never cleaning my car out, I wouldn't have had nothing to change into otherwise!

Ended up getting home MUCH too late, but Zeke as usual was just fantastic, so well behaved, even when he was fall-down exhausted - he really is awesome!

Saturday 6th Febraury 2010


We were trying to get a group shot of the kids, Zeke, Kayleb and Lillia... this is about the best we got. Pinning two toddlers down for a photo is hard work!

365 Photos - Feb 5

Mini Maestros, our music class was back! Zeke naturally (after dancing and clapping half the morning) immediately turned shy on arrival, and wanted to sit on my lap the whole session. He'll warm up to it again soon no doubt!

I can't be sure, because there was a lot of background noise at the time, but I think Zeke told me "up up" while holding his hands out to be picked up at music! If he did, that's 3 new words in a week (Lillia "Lala" Done/There "Deh!" and up...) maybe this is the start of a word explosion for Zeke? Should do a new post counting his words while I'm at it!

Back home for a nap and then a play. I have a feeling we got up to something else, but I'm pretty tired, so cannot for the life of me remember what. No, wait, Ryan worked all evening and Zeke was cranky without his Daddy.

Friday 5th February 2010


No time to take pics at music, we're too busy dancing and having fun! We were playing with blocks later in the day, and Zeke was so proud of himself for stacking all those blocks on his own! Not the best picture ever, but I have about 3 seconds from the completion of the tower to him demolishing it in one flying blow, if I want to get a photo!

Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 4

Another warm day - more tantrums, but HEAPS of sleep. He slept 11 hours at night, and 3.5 hours in the day. He was ready for bed by 1/4 to 8, but was up again an hour later, back in bed by 9.30 after a bath. Getting more and more sure teeth are coming!

He was really really trying to tell me a new word in the bath too, it was either 'there' 'that' or 'done' the context he was using it in suits all of them. It's sort of "Deh" (as opposed to Da or Duh) and he says it quite sharply, when he's giving you something, but because it is something he wants "that," what you've asked for "there" or something he's finished "done" I can't be certain 100% what it means.

Thursday 4th February 2010


Zeke was very active and had a great wrestling session on the couch with Ryan. I was playing with the multi-shots option on the camera, and caught this. That blurry thing is a pillow Zeke was about to whack Ryan with. Not the best pic, but it amuses me all the same!

365 Photos - Feb 3

Wednesday... I really shouldn't get so many days behind I forget things! Zeke slept for 13 solid hours! I was very surprised to wake up at almost 11.30 am and find he was still asleep! We were both obviously in good moods though. We needed the rest... turns out he was just storing energy for an epic quantity of tantrums. Fun fun.

I really think he's teething though, the whining is far more like teething and we're into more clear runny nose again... but it's so hard to tell with the weather being so warm whether it's actually teeth or the terrible twos, or just being hot & bothered.

Zeke also turned 20 months old today... holy crap, only 4 more months till I'm the mother of a 2-year-old!

Wednesday 3rd February 2010


Zeke is developing some kind of love-affair with his hat. Probably because he knows he gets to go outside (and this hat actually fits comfortably, he has a big head, so wears hats for 3yos!) Anyway, he loved it so much, he wouldn't even take it off for dinner, which he did with his usual messy flair!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 2

Today was a quiet day, it was too warm to want to be active, and we still haven't quite caught up with the broken sleep from Monday. I spent a lot of today emailling people and organising lists for the wedding... guess that means tomorrow I need to clean up!

Granny and Aunty Kyla dropped in for a bit, and Zeke was thrilled to see them. He was less thrilled though when he woke up from his nap and Daddy had gone out! He was really upset about it, he went and looked for him in every room of the house, and then when that failed brought me his hat and shoes to go find him outside! Fortuantely of course Daddy did come home in the end, but not before Zeke had had a good scream to express his sadness.

Still not sure if the heat is causing the screaming tantrums, or if it's the teeth, or just the age. It's been more intense the last few warmer days, but he's showing some signs of teething, but then he's almost 2! Guess I'll have to wait and see :)

Tuesday 2nd February 2010


Zeke's been really focused on his fine motor skills, holding and drinking from regular cups, putting lids back on pens, coins into a piggy bank and the like. Now he practises any of those any chance he gets - in this case drinking from a cup in the bath!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 1

Welcome to February... how did a whole month go by so fast? To celebrate a new month Zeke decided it was necessary to have another ER visit. (We had the splinter on his foot visit on NYE.)

This time he was waiting with Ryan for the bath to run (it was well past bedtime, but he was hot & sticky so we decided a bath was in order) when the cat jumped into the room and startled him. The poor little guy being so tired lost his balance and crashed down HARD... right onto the metal track for the shower door. He screamed the place down, I was at the other end of the house and heard it. Well there was no blood, and he seemed fine, but wouldn't stop shivering (it wasn't a seizure... just like we'd dumped iced water on him) so we decided to take him to the ER just to be safe.

Miraculously we walked into a completely empty ER... there was literally NO ONE in the waiting room! Thank goodness for that, and we were there for less than an hour from going in to going home! The doctor said that he was fine, (he wasn't shivering anymore) but the shivering was likely from shock after the fall, and we could go home and give him panadol if he seemed to have a headache. Better safe than sorry, but an adventure we could have done without!

We had a crappy night sleep after that, combined with him being now well over tired, still warm and sweaty and a bit shaken up by it all.

He was up early as well, but fortunately this meant he had a nice long nap before we went to PLAYGROUP! He and Kayleb were both so excited about this, they started singing and yelling when they saw where we were walking to! They had the best time, although Zeke started back on the 'Mr Sensitive' behaviour, screaming as soon as something upset him. Not sure if that was still being tired from the night before, or molars, his nose has started running and he's becoming really dribbly again, so those 2-yo molars may be on their way.

Then we had dinner at Granny's house... so a very big day indeed!

Monday 1st February 2010


There were so many awesome pictures from playgroup that I wanted to use as my photo of the day, but then when I uploaded them, I came across this one I took early in the morning before we'd gone out. Zeke put the beanie on all by himself, and was zooming around the house, looking very pleased. I think it's time we started a dress up box for him!

Monday, February 1, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 31

The last day of January already - how can it be a whole month is gone? I'm still not even convinced its 2010 yet! I saw Kyla's diary today and it has a big 10 on the front... took me forever to work out why... it has a 20 on the back cover too, that only confused me more, I was busy going "ten-twenty...WTF?" Then I realised when you lay the diary flat with both covers visible it would say 2010... duh!

We had lunch with Grandave today, and Pete & Kat around for dinner. Zeke spent most of the time showing off his new peek-a-boo skills. He was cranky and hard to put to bed this evening, which led to a whole other adventure, but that's a story for Monday's post seeing as it happened after midnight!

Sunday 31st January 2010


Just a cuddle with Daddy to try and convince Zeke that it's bedtime. Lovely to have a photo of Ryan where he's not flipping me off or pulling some ridiculous face too!