Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 7

I am so far behind! I've been crazy busy though, had something to do practically every day this week, but I want to get caught up again while there's a lull, so I don't get too far behind, and then even further when things get busy again.

Sunday we went to see Cherie, and hung out with her for a bit, then decided to go get seaweed rolls for lunch. Drove all the way to Eastland, only to discover I'd forgotten my wallet. Drive home again, and Zeke falls asleep in the car, so I decide seeing as Ryan's still home, to put him down for a nap and Cherie & I would go out again. Zeke won't sleep - naturally, but Ryan was exhausted and hungover from the night before, so we packed up the car again with Zeke and headed out again.

Zeke naturally was pooped while we were there, but was still pretty good, stuffed down a tuna seaweed roll, even with a little soy sauce! (He wanted some for himself as soon as he saw me adding it to mine) We went shopping with Cherie to find a couple of things she needed to wear with her bridesmaid dress, but by then we were really tired, and couldn't find any good shoes anyway.

Bumped into someone from the past, who I had not expected to see, and did not expect to say something she did - all good, but did my head in somewhat.

We had dinner at Pete & Kat's, and Zeke had a bath while we were there... their poor cat Specks LOVES playing in the bath when it's empty and couldn't understand what all this water was, and why this small naked screaming thing kept splashing her! Mocha has at least learned to stay out of the way or deal with it.

Anyway the photo!

Sunday 7th February 2010


Right next to where we sat down for lunch they had one of those rides you put a dollar in and it plays music and moves for a bit. Zeke HAD to have a turn, he absolutely loved it, and chucked a pretty epic screaming fit when I carried him away. I still haven't actually put any money in one of those, the longer he can have fun for free the better!

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