Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 8

Monday meant back at playgroup! Zeke slept in HEAPS, and wouldn't nap before we went, so of course was a bit tired and cranky. The heat wasn't fantastic either, and when we got back to Cat's we filled the baby bath with the hose for the boys to play in, they had an absolute riot, water was everywhere, and they both needed a full change of clothes, but at least they were cool and had fun!

Zeke impressed me very much as well, he said 'camera' clear as anything! He hasn't said it since of course, but Cat & I both heard it exactly! Then, later he told Cat 'thank you', repeating what she'd said. I didn't hear that one, but two words in one day! So proud!

Back home I got Ryan & Zeke packed up to go to Julia's for dinner, while I was off to a committee meeting for playgroup. Get in car, start engine, fuel light comes on, detour via a petrol station, and pull up outside the centre to see all the cars there already. Never mind, race in, seeing the meeting already in progress, and apologise profusely, it's only once I sat down and looked at the clock that I realised it was only 20 past 7, and the meeting wasn't supposed to start till 7.30?! I'm the committee secretary this year. Have to take minutes at meetings, pretty mundane, but liveable.

Anyway, after the meeting, head around to Cat's, Kayleb's in bed, and Ryan still has Zeke so we figure it's time for coffees and normal adult conversation... till well after midnight! Had a riot of a time, lots of giggling, shared stories of misspent youth, and too much coffee! Definitely good for one's spirit though.

Monday 8th February 2010


Cat & I took on a messy, but fun art project at playgroup - shaving cream and paint. The boys LOVED it, but it was a big clean up job... took us forever to make the place spotless again! Well worth the work and mess though, we got some awesome pictures, but we wont be doing it again in a hurry!

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