Monday, February 15, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 15

Up to date at last! Can I sleep yet?

Zeke slept in after last night's hysteria so he didn't get a nap in before playgroup, so he was shattered most of this afternoon. Fingers crossed he won't wake up tonight! I need some rest!

Playgroup was great as always, and on the way there the boys had an ACTUAL conversation, Cat & I were very impressed. It went something like this:

Kayleb: Would you care for another pizza flavoured Shape Zeke?

Zeke: No thank you Kayleb, I believe 6 is my limit!

Kayleb: Of course, I will enjoy it instead - thanks!

Okay... maybe I exaggerate a little (a lot!) It was more like this...

Kayleb: *holds pizza flavoured Shape out to Zeke* Babbles at him. (Cathryn and I stop and pull the prams level, they have been passing biscuits back and forth this whole time like this)

Zeke: *Shakes his head and turns away from the offered snack* Babbles back

Kayleb: *Takes biscuit back and eats it himself*

Not quite a full conversation, but Kayleb said something Zeke understood, who then replied in a way that Kayleb understood. How awesome?!

Had Granny and some of the aunties around for dinner, which seeing as I'm so pooped Ryan cooked, although I did the hard bit ;) Zeke is now in bed, and has already woken up once. He's sounding a bit chesty now... but seems to have settled with his mattress elevated. I hope it's just this hot again/cold again/windy/pollen-y/rainy/sunny weather and not an actual bug!

Monday 15th January 2010


Zeke loves the little doll strollers at playgroup, they're the first thing he heads for - anything he can push around on wheels! He was especially pleased I found a baby for him to give a ride to as well. I think I need to get him one of his own.

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