Monday, February 15, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, my beloved Ryan let me sleep in, thank goodness, seeing as I had a busy day... lots of cooking! Ryan and Zeke played for most of the day, while Kat & I organised a Valentine's dinner for her, Pyro, Ryan & I, and also a surprise dinner for Cat & CJ. We ended up making:

Roast chicken & potatoes w/ gravy
Garlic Bread
Peas, Beans, Corn & Carrots
Peach & Custard tart (homemade base & custard)

and for our friends:

Bolognaise pasta bake
Cheese & Garlic Pizza
Chocolate Cake

We were exhausted, satisfied and full at the end of it all! All except for Zeke... he cracked it at bedtime, took us till 12.30am to get him to sleep - lots of screaming and refusal to sleep. Then he was up again and needed to come to bed with us. Not cool!

Sunday 14th February 2010


Normally we're fairly happy to let Valentine's Day go by without much fuss, but seeing as it was also Pyro & Kat's first anniversary we decided to do something a bit special. Ryan also got into the spirit and bought me the second flower he's ever given me in almost 5 years - hence the photo!

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