Tuesday, February 2, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 1

Welcome to February... how did a whole month go by so fast? To celebrate a new month Zeke decided it was necessary to have another ER visit. (We had the splinter on his foot visit on NYE.)

This time he was waiting with Ryan for the bath to run (it was well past bedtime, but he was hot & sticky so we decided a bath was in order) when the cat jumped into the room and startled him. The poor little guy being so tired lost his balance and crashed down HARD... right onto the metal track for the shower door. He screamed the place down, I was at the other end of the house and heard it. Well there was no blood, and he seemed fine, but wouldn't stop shivering (it wasn't a seizure... just like we'd dumped iced water on him) so we decided to take him to the ER just to be safe.

Miraculously we walked into a completely empty ER... there was literally NO ONE in the waiting room! Thank goodness for that, and we were there for less than an hour from going in to going home! The doctor said that he was fine, (he wasn't shivering anymore) but the shivering was likely from shock after the fall, and we could go home and give him panadol if he seemed to have a headache. Better safe than sorry, but an adventure we could have done without!

We had a crappy night sleep after that, combined with him being now well over tired, still warm and sweaty and a bit shaken up by it all.

He was up early as well, but fortunately this meant he had a nice long nap before we went to PLAYGROUP! He and Kayleb were both so excited about this, they started singing and yelling when they saw where we were walking to! They had the best time, although Zeke started back on the 'Mr Sensitive' behaviour, screaming as soon as something upset him. Not sure if that was still being tired from the night before, or molars, his nose has started running and he's becoming really dribbly again, so those 2-yo molars may be on their way.

Then we had dinner at Granny's house... so a very big day indeed!

Monday 1st February 2010


There were so many awesome pictures from playgroup that I wanted to use as my photo of the day, but then when I uploaded them, I came across this one I took early in the morning before we'd gone out. Zeke put the beanie on all by himself, and was zooming around the house, looking very pleased. I think it's time we started a dress up box for him!

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