Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 30

Seriously we need to stop doing things! We went to Lincraft and Officeworks yesterday, then I went food shopping and then off to Cat & CJ's for dinner and to let Zeke and Kayleb play. They seemed to be getting a bit sick of each other though, the squabbles were more intense than usual, but generally they have fun.

Zeke seems to have a new word too, "Lala" which means Lillia - Ray & Glenda's little girl. He is very taken with her, and always wants to know what she's doing. He's said it a couple of times relating to her now... but he doesn't say it when she's not there, so I think that's a new word!

Saturday 30th January 2010


Cat got Kayleb's old walker out for Lillia to have a chance to sit up with everyone else. Of course both the boys decided they needed a turn too - amazingly enough they still fitted! Zeke saw the camera and immediately posed... a nice change from the usual stunned looked I get!

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