Monday, February 22, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 16

Playing catch up again! I just got caught up from last week, and then this weeks flown by somehow.

Tuesday was quiet, because on Monday night Zeke became extremely unsettled and appeared to have a red blotchy rash all over, not raised or anything, just red, as well as being quite sweaty (but no fever) and sounding rather hoarse and congested, so off we went back to the ER late at night. Of course the rash had all but disappeared by the time we got there!

The Paediatric doctor took FOREVER to come down to the ER, but said he had a virus, and generally seemed okay, and off we went back home, all of us VERY tired. Could have done without the midnight trip, but rash + young child = probably not serious, but needs to be seen right away.

Unfortunately a late night on Saturday, and what ended up being a late night on Sunday with V-day dinner, and then this midnight ER run meant Tuesday night bedtime was FOUL... I think it was 12.30am before I got Zeke to bed at last... only problem is I'm so tired after that, that I sleep in too, and don't get up in time to wake Zeke at his regular time to try and get him back into routine.

Zeke did do something awesome on Tuesday though, he learned a new word - Uh oh! He says it whenever his blocks fall down, it's more like a hoot the way he ways it though, very high pitched, but the meaning is clear, and he will knock his blocks down deliberately in order to say it! He's got heaps of new words now - which is so much fun, but still not communicating regularly with them. Just waiting for the day he suddenly replies to me with a whole sentence rather than babble or a single word!

Tuesday 16th February 2010


Part of our quiet day was lots of fun stacking Zeke's blocks. He loves them... I regret buying 100 of them when I'm collecting them from every corner of the loungeroom (it's an odd shaped room, so there are 7 corners!) but the fun he has is well worth it. Ryan, as you can see loves them too. I love the way Zeke is posing in this one as well - he's such a cutie!

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