Friday, July 25, 2008

Bad blogger...

Well, I guess it's time I updated all of you on how Zeke is going, and as you can probably tell by his smiles he is going wonderfully!

For the most part he is still a happy, sweet little boy who loves his mummy and likes nothing more than a good feed, bath and cuddle!

He's gotten more and more head control now, but still doesn't like being on his tummy. Tummy time is definitely more enjoyable for him if it takes place on someone's chest. When he's on your shoulder he will look around and peer at anything and everything he possibly can. His neck is very strong, but still gets tired pretty quick, so I've got to be quick with my hands to make sure he doesn't bash his head on my shoulder when it gives way without notice.

He's a smart one too! He's already learned the sound of my voice, the theme music to a TV show we watch every morning and most importantly the little 'click' the plastic clip on my bra makes when I unhook it to feed him! That noise results in a lot of cooing, and frantic flailing of the arms.

In the past day or so he's also discovered his hand is a tasty snack, and just this evening has really begun to get the hang of it. He's dribbling all over the place now as a result, but it's cute as anything!

The routine still isn't really a routine as such, or maybe I don't watch the clock closely enough to pick it. I feed him when he's hungry, change him when he's wet or dirty and sleep when we can!

Anyway, Ryan's gotta head out so I've got to go back to baby duty!

Miranda xxoxo

My two beautiful boys about a week ago!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4 Weeks Old...

How is it my little boy is ALREADY 4 weeks old? Where does time go? Seriously, the tiny little bubby who I first met 29 days ago who could barely stay awake for more than half an hour is beginning to smile, laugh, recognise me, hold his head up and has begun to develop a taste in music - you sing almost ANY kiddy or Playschool songs to him and he wails, sing Nickelback or Metallica and he immediately relaxes. He's a big fan of The Cat Empire too!

He's eating like an absolute champ, and already (or so Daddy claims, I haven't seen this yet) recognises the word 'boob!' You'd better not get in between him and a good long breastfeed, let me tell you! He's stopped shoving his fist in his mouth when there's a nipple on offer too... makes things a lot easier when you don't have to wrestle that out of the way. He'll usually eat every 2.5-4 hours, depending on whether he plays or sleeps in between, if he plays more the break is shorter, while if he goes back to sleep it's longer. I guess it's all about how much energy he burns up!

I am slightly worried he may begin to think of himself as some kind of foodstuff though, he's been my "Little Burrito" since he was 2 days old, but is also called a Crepe` (when he is wrapped up), and I call him Chook and Baba Ganoush, while his Granny calls him Lamb! I also frequently kiss him because he is just sooooo delicious! I wonder if there's a word for a personality disorder where you believe you are food...?

Sleeping is still a hit and miss situation. Last night he was in bed by 12, but right now (at 3 to midnight) he is still going strong. For the most part however he is a good sleeper and lets me get 2 solid 3-4 hour stretches overnight, as well as a couple of shorter naps during the day if I need. Don't get me wrong, there are days/nights where he will only sleep if he is cuddled, or won't sleep at all, but the majority of the time, he is a brillaint little boy!

I am still absolutely and completely in LOVE with this little man. I already can't imagine life without him, and am not 100% sure what I did before I had him... other than sleep full nights, drink, and go out when I wanted of course :P....

Anyway, time to send some sleepy messages to my sweet son, here are some pics to keep you busy!

A tad hungry and letting me know...

More snuggles
Snuggles with Mummy

After milk bliss...
Looking angelic and milk drunk

Cuddles with Daddy
Cuddling with Daddy

Tummy Time #4
And having a good yell during tummy-time!

Miranda xoxo