Friday, September 12, 2008

100 Days old...

Zeke was 100 days old yesterday! That's right, I've been a mum for 100 days (well 101 now!) I can't believe it, no matter how you look at it, 14 weeks, 100 days, 3 1/2 months... I still wonder where the time has gone, and how I've managed to not update my blog for nearly a month! (And don't even get me started on TUI... about time I did a vent or a rant or something... need to find something to be mad at!)

While I've been MIA, we've had our first holiday, Zeke has rolled over, we've had more funny shaped head related appointments, I (finally) have begun to regain some control over the ever-expanding dishes and laundry pile, our car crapped itself again, and I almost got a new car. I will try and get to each of these 1 by 1 before Zeke wakes up or Mum gets here so we can go shopping.

The holiday... a blissful weekend at Apollo Bay with Dave, Sal, Corrie and her friend Sarah. The weather was pretty miserable really, but it was nice to just 'feel' on holidays, Zeke had his first beach visit when we went for a walk on the breakwater and screamed bloody murder the whole time... needless to say there were no pics of that particular outing! He was amazing the whole drive there, we only had (we did stop other times, but not because Zeke needed anything) to stop once on the way there, and once back... and it's almost a 5-hour trip!

Now some pics from our holiday...

Zeke's First Beach pic!

Zeke's first-ever beach photo!


Miserable weather, gorgeous scenery.


On the road


How Zeke spent most of his first road trip.


It's true...


Of course the weather improved once we were heading home!


I got bored, and snap-happy!


We stopped in Geelong for food and Zeke had a go at driving the car too!

Now... my beautiful clever talkative son has rolled from his tummy to his back a total of 6 times since he was 10 weeks old. I can still count because to date he has refused to do it again! He did it on 10 weeks to the day, 4 times when he was 12 weeks and 2 days, once more the next day and nothing at all since. Either he didn't really roll and he just overbalanced or he couldn't be bothered now that he's got that skill mastered. He's an epic squirmer though, he can wriggle himself around in a circle when he's lying on his back... I reckon if I let him keep going he'd do a full 360! (I usually stop him just before 180 degrees)

He's also chatty and giggles properly, especially when you play 'Superman' with him, he LOVES Supermanning to his mummy. Basically you hold him so he can 'fly' through the air like Superman, with his belly down and his face rushing towards everything. This earns you the biggest grins ever... I really should take pics, but am usually to obsessed with catching my Superman and kissing him! (I just used the word Superman or a variant thereof, 5 times in a single paragraph... not bad for a blog about my baby!)

Ok... I'll skip the doldrums about dishes and laundry, but suffice to say I'm setting myself realistic tasks regarding them. Ie: I wish wash and dry one load of laundry and start another today while Zeke naps. This is waaaay better than trying to do everything at once and feeling overwhelemed!

Now the car... well... we paid about $600 and waited two weeks to get various parts involving the timing fixed a couple of weeks ago. So guess what shits itself and dies while we're doing 100km/h (about 60m/h for my overseas friends!) on a freeway at 10pm at night, over an hour from home? That's right! The car! $360 later we have it towed back home, and taken to another mechanic, we are currently waiting on their verdict.

**Mum showed up, Zeke woke, so I saved the draft... now continuing nearly 24 hours later**

What were we doing over an hour from home at 10pm at night I hear you ask? Well, the decision has been made that I really should get a car. It's a total PITA to arrange for someone else to come drive me or to wake up early enough to take Ryan to work and pick him up so I can use the car during the day.

So Fungus arranges to look at a car, that is over TWO HOURS away (genius really) and off we go. It was a great car, and we said we'd take it with a RWC, but no-go on that and the bloke we were buying it from ain't happy, he only got it a month ago himself, but needs a different car... the missus had her say! So he was given a dodgy RWC, and probably won't be able to sell the car for a decent price.

Anyway, all that means is we're still on the search for a car. Fingers crossed we will find something soon! I really wanted it before next weekend because I have a picnic to get to, which is probably close to an hour and a half away. Mum said she'll take me, but it would have been kinda cool to go myself.

Hmm... nothing else much is going on today. I have to cook something for dinner... steaks or chilli con carne...?

Hopefully I will try and update more often!