Monday, February 15, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 12

Friday meant music again! Zeke was more into it this week. He especially loved the prop we made - a coloured star on the paddle pop stick. There's a particular song we wave it during, and he's had me sing it many times since, waving his star all the while!

Grandma came around for a while, to help me tidy up for visitors on Saturday, but I was really so pooped as soon as Zeke went for a nap so did I!

Aunty Kyla visited in the evening too, Zeke was thrilled as always to have visitors!

Friday 12th February 2010


Zeke & Aunty Kyla reading after his bath, all ready for bed. His favourite par tof reading is pointing to everything on the pages and having you name it (rock, tree, cat, etc) It was 10 minutes of "Iggle Piggle, Pontipines, Upsy Daisy!"-ing that made Kyla decide to never ever let her children watch In The Night Garden!

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