Saturday, May 29, 2010

365 Photos... or not

I'm WAY behind in my photos as you probably noticed. Planning a wedding, honeymoon and then trying to get Zeke back into a normal schedule is hard work! There were just some days I didn't take photos, and to cap it off, I've broken my camera.

So the 365 photos thing is not going to happen for me, I'm too far behind, and can't take photos to catch up. Sad, seeing as I was doing so well, and really enjoying the record of what we'd been up to, but just not possible anymore :(

Will have to get busy uploading photos and get some catch-up posts started.

So things to post updates and pictures about... let's see:

  • Hen's night
  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • Zeke (because who doesn't want to hear about him & see more photos?)
We have generally been well though, no major dramas really. Zeke will be 2 on Thursday! 2 already - how can that be? He is working on his second molars on and off, thankfully they're not bothering him as badly as the first ones, his gums aren't bruised black this time, and he's not off his food. We've only got 3 more teeth to go before we're done with teething till it's time for the tooth fairy!

We've not had heaps of new words from him lately, he has added car though. It sounds a bit like "ga" but the meaning is clear! It sounds like he might be getting into the mimicking stage as well - I was talking to him about Babar - that cartoon about the elephant family, and he said "Babar" back to me, but I suspect he was just mimicking "Bubba" more than what I was saying, but time to watch my language none the less!

His current obsession is trains - he can make an '"oo-oo" sound like a steam engine whistle, and also goes "ding ding" for railway crossings, or electric trains, because they look so much like trams. He thinks the trains that run here, and trams are the same thing.

His other new love is The Wiggles - he knows the actions to all of Hot Potato, and part of D.O.R.O.T.H.Y, Henry The Octopus, Walk, and a bunch of other songs, he dances along with them - it's very cute!

Anyway, his birthday party is next weekend, best get a head start on cleaning up for then. Photos and updates to come!