Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am Mummy!

That's right - Zeke recognised my 'name' today! My mum was holding him and said "Where's Mummy?" My clever boy didn't even hesitate for a second - he just spun his head straight around to look at me and give me a giant smile!

It's official guys... I am 'Mummy!'

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have not been so offended in ages...

This is just embarrassing, an overseas (US based I believe) pain-relief manufacturer Motrin recently released this disgusting add...

There are just so many this wrong with this add.

1) It makes babywearing mommas look like ignorant try-hards, who like the teenage girl tottering around in shoes that cause blisters and a dress so tight she can hardly breathe because she's 'sexy', wear their babies because it's 'cool' and will make them look like a 'real' mother.

2) It promotes babywearing as a painful thing to do. This is ridiculous! Even I can wear Zeke, and I have an ongoing shoulder injury and a bad back, and still comfortably tote him around in a carrier wherever I go. Babywearing when undertaken with the right advice and sling for you, (there is lots of advice out there!) is a comfortable and painless experience.

3) The add also made fun of the scientific fact that babies who are worn cry less. I cannot tell you the number of mothers I know who swear by wearing their baby in any form of carrier as a way to keep their bub close, comfortable and peaceful. Nothing turns my fussy, overtired little boy into a mellow baby like popping him in the sling and doing a few laps of the house.

4) The makers of the add also mock the bonding experience that can be had by babywearing. When you wear your baby, you are deliciously close to their soft skin, their warmth is pressed right against your heart (exactly where your baby belongs!), and every step you take you can breathe in that beautiful, sweet, milky, one-of-a-kind 'baby' scent that belongs only to your child... and even while they're asleep your baby will recognise your heartbeat, scent and warmth as a sense of comfort and protection. How is that not a wonderful way to bond with your baby?

I really am disgusted and offended by this, I cannot believe how ignorant the makers of this add are.

When I became pregnant , one of the things I looked forward to most was wearing my child... I researched all the options, and made a choice of carrier based on factors that affect me, and I have found that wearing Zeke is a happy, enjoyable and above all comfortable experience. I love having him close to me when I am out walking or shopping, and he appears to really enjoy being close to me and having a great view of the day's proceedings! Not to mention it keeps my hands free to get what I need to do finished.

For those who choose it babywearing is a win/win situation for the wearer and the child!

All you baby-wearing mothers out there who also find this add rude, offensive or ignorant, please drop by the Motrin website when it is up and running again, and let them know what you think. I will certainly be giving them my two cents!

Oh yeah... and a pic of Zeke being worn... not my best photo ever... but a baby blog needs at least one pic per post!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby talk...

Well, I still haven't gotten around to doing an "official" 5mo photo shoot yet - I planned to today, but Zeke had a longer nap than I expected! Weather obliging, I'll do it tomorrow!

Today, at 5months and 1 week exactly Zeke figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy! He was very pleased with himself, and so was I! It was all in the name of destruction, he had his heart set on grabbing the wipes and ripping them out of the tub one after another, but I didn't mind really! He's been rolling back to side for some time now, but only today got the full way over... what a big boy!

He also skipped his usual 1am waking last night... very pleased. I'm up too late again tonight though, and naturally he won't be so obliging LOL! My boobs hurt by 4am when he finally woke though... small price to pay in the long run! Hopefully this will become a habit, and he'll sleep 10.30 - 4am regularly. This would make me very happy!

I've also been busy making him baby food, at the moment he has sweet potato and broccoli, and apple, pear and mango. I'm hoping to also get his carrot and zuchinni done as well. It is so simple and cheap. Cook the food till tender and puree. It freezes in an ice cube tray and then into a ziplock bag in the freezer! He loves it too... this makes me really happy, as I've found some of the jarred foods have a lot of water in them, or other things that aren't on the label. Right now Zeke eats...

Sweet Potato
Baby Rusks

But he doesn't like...

Plain Farex (rice cereal)
Farex with sweet potato (must be with a different veggie or fruit)
Pumpkin (makes him constipated)
ANY food with breastmilk added, BM has to be straight from the source or nothing for him, he won't even take it in a bottle. He has to have formula if he's having a bottle.

I will be introducing him to this week:

Baby Porridge (Oats whizzed in a blender to get smoother)

A couple of eating pics from the other day. Spinach, broccoli & pea, with Farex added I believe... even though eating is actually a lot of fun and he really enjoys it, he takes it very seriously!


Not much else new atm, we're on a waiting list for his MRI, they're booked till June 09, but as soon as a cancellation happens they'll book us in. It's a bit sad really, partly because he has to wait, and really he needs to be seen and get this fixed ASAP, but also because it shows how overtaxed our public hospitals are.

We're also experimenting with sippy cups. He has a lovely one with a nice soft silicone teat that he has to chew/suck to make the water pour, which means he can't just tip it everywhere. He mostly lets the water run down his chin, but he's getting the hang of it. He needs some help holding it though... if I make it full enough so he doesn't have to tip far, it's too heavy for him to hold on his own, but if it's light enough, he doesn't tip the cup up enough so he doesn't get any water!

Anyway, a couple more pics of my cutie patootie, and now I'm off to bed! He's playing on the couch with his daddy... as you can now see, tummy time is AWESOME!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Photos...

Well, my baby boy is 5 months old! But I haven't had time to do a photo shoot for that yet. So here's some of his 4mo pics!

As you can see, I tried to be artistic... but Zeke had other ideas as usual!

No appointments for a while, but a lovely lovely picnic with my Doula Julie last week. Was awesome to see her again and show off how beautiful and big Zeke is becoming.

I promise I am working on a blog for TUI... something to do with DWI (Driving While Infuriated) methinks... since getting a car I've noticed just how irritating other road users are!

Oh wait, here's my new signature for the board I'm on. The second 'e' is a 5-month shot!

Very proud of that one...
Anyway, I should get to bed and hope my (yes, that's right MY) teething pains let me sleep. This last wisdom tooth sure is taking its sweetass time to get here... urg!
Miranda xoxo