Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 3

Wednesday... I really shouldn't get so many days behind I forget things! Zeke slept for 13 solid hours! I was very surprised to wake up at almost 11.30 am and find he was still asleep! We were both obviously in good moods though. We needed the rest... turns out he was just storing energy for an epic quantity of tantrums. Fun fun.

I really think he's teething though, the whining is far more like teething and we're into more clear runny nose again... but it's so hard to tell with the weather being so warm whether it's actually teeth or the terrible twos, or just being hot & bothered.

Zeke also turned 20 months old today... holy crap, only 4 more months till I'm the mother of a 2-year-old!

Wednesday 3rd February 2010


Zeke is developing some kind of love-affair with his hat. Probably because he knows he gets to go outside (and this hat actually fits comfortably, he has a big head, so wears hats for 3yos!) Anyway, he loved it so much, he wouldn't even take it off for dinner, which he did with his usual messy flair!

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happygal said...

What a fabulous photo! Love it. Thanks for coming by.