Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's been a busy two days, lots of people, more food and even more presents! We are over full, over tired and over excited... but we are alive! :)

Lots of exciting gifts, the number one being my gorgeous camera! There will be LOTS more pics to share from now on!

Here's one to keep you going while I learn how to use my new 'toy'!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Because my Internet is capped...

and uploading anything will take like an hour, this is a text-only update, seeing as it's also been over a month since I did anything! Not that I have a camera, but there are some webcam shots I should try and post in the morning.

Zeke had his 18mo check today, it was our first with the new nurse since we moved. What is it with women named Cheryl being nurses? Anyway, Cheryl is lovely, and approved of the way I spoke to Zeke when he was having a tantrum. ("Yes, I can hear you yelling, but I need to finish writing this first, then I'll play with you again")

Zeke weighs in at 12.55kgs (27.5 lbs) - that's a 1.2 Kg gain in 3 months! Good to know all that food is going somewhere! That boy can EAT! The other day for lunch he had 3/4 of a seaweed roll with cooked tuna & rice (he even ate the seaweed), 1 scoop of penne pasta in sauce, 250mls of juice, a churro with dipping chocolate (Spanish fried doughnuts, only not doughnut shaped) and a babycino! (frothed milk & chocolate dust.) He then had spaghetti for dinner, and half an hour later stole half a potato and 3 bites of steak from my dinner! My boy can eat!

He's 79cms tall, I've already forgotten the conversion for that... 31 inches I think... *checks FB status* yes, 31 and a bit inches. About what I guessed he'd be.

Chickenpox Vax today as well... no big deal. He shouted pretty loud though! He got over it when he met a cute little girl who gave him one of her biscuits :) My boy is such a flirt!

He's now 75th Percentile for weight (just above average) and 25% for height (just under average) and his head circumference (51cm) is slowly coming back onto the charts. We are closer than last time! We were supposed to have a check up for his head at the hospital at the end of October, (boy was that a freaking saga... remind me to tell you about that later!) He's now completely in Size 1 clothing, although the arms and legs are still a little long, size 0's are just too tight!

We've not had heaps of new words recently. He's started to use the same words to mean a lot of different things. All birds are now "Duh" (duck) and he sometimes actually SAYS "duck" I've only heard it a couple of times though. He's still really good at the non-verbal communication, showing you what he wants, or leading you to something he can't reach.

Actually I lie, we have had a few new words, new sentences actually. He's only said them once, and I'm not 100% convinced my ears weren't playing tricks on me, but at the same time it was very clear! He has said "I want my brrm brrm" (brrm is his word for anything with wheels) while reaching up to his train that was on the table, and also "Come back Daddy!" when Ryan came out of the kitchen and headed towards the back of the house instead of the lounge where we were sitting. Unfortunately Ryan didn't hear either of them, so I think he just thinks I'm crazy.

Oh, you might have noticed I wrote "Daddy"... that's because Zeke calls us Mummy and Daddy now! He still says Mama a bit, and Dada most of the time, but unlike 'Mama' which he uses to refer to any older female, and 'Dada' which can be anyone at all, Mummy and Daddy are very specifically referring to Ryan and I! How totally cool! :D

We are almost done with teething for a while, he is just cutting his top right canine, and then we are done till 2-year molars! They came in so quickly and all at once, plus he didn't like me checking on them so I'm not really sure WHEN they came in other than sometime during Sept-Oct.

There's a whole bunch of stuff I want to update about the wedding too, but I'll leave this post all about my gorgeous boy!

Miranda xoxox

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's about time I blogged it...

If Astrid's already onto it LOL. (By the way, thank you so much for your excitement and congrats A - love ya!)


That's right, my wonderful, beloved Fungus finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I'm cheating and copying the story from my JM board, but I told it best there.

"Okay, so it turns out Ryan has been planning this for some time. It turns out practically everyone knew before I did. My parents and siblings, his family, and most of our closest friends. He kept it a really good secret though, I even SIGNED FOR THE PACKAGE THAT HAD THE RING IN IT TWO WEEKS AGO, without even thinking about it and just gave it straight to him, because it had his name on it!

My dad was interstate though, and only came back this week, so he asked him this afternoon. Second time in Dad's life he's been speechless. The first time was when we told him I was pregnant LMAO!

I've been nagging Ryan for months now about asking me to marry him, and he's always been "I'll do it sometime. When you least expect it... muhahahah!" (evil laugh) He actually asked my ring size a couple of weeks ago, and I thought nothing of it because he can go months with a specific detail before acting on it. Turns out he'd already bought the ring and wanted to make sure he had guessed right!

Tonight we'd had our usual weekly dinner with some friends of ours, and their friends had come too with the ittiest, bittiest little doll of a daughter. Naturally of course she makes me very clucky, and as soon as we are home I am telling Ryan I want another baby.

He tells me, "I'd rather wait until we're married for that," and me being a total smartass (and walking straight into it) goes "Oh yeah, when's that going to happen?"

The next thing I know, Ryan says "How about now?" and he's got a ring from his pocket and is down on one knee! He did in fact ask me, but I'd already gone into adrenaline shock (and squealed LOL!) so I don't remember hearing the question properly. Once he stood up I said "Are you serious?" and he said yes, and then I hugged him and squealed some more before trying on my very pretty new ring!

It's two little diamonds in a two white gold bands that run paralell and have a little kink where the stones are set. Very simple and delicate. (I've been telling him for months about the type of ring I want LOL, and he definitely listened!)"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Disappearing tooth...

Well Cathryn warned me it would happen, and it did. Zeke cut his lower left eye tooth yesterday there was a good 3-4mm above the gum line, but today? GONE! There is a little rough edge at the gum, but that is it.

Please don't tell me I have to deal with him cutting that tooth all over again! ALL 4 eye teeth are on their way as we speak, and there's still one molar missing so he can be a VERY cranky little boy.

My camera is broken, I need to take it to get repaired or exchanged or something, but with everything else doing, it's one of those things that gets put aside. However I feel extremely lost without it with all the cute things Zeke's up to lately, and a blog just isn't a blog without some cool pics. Maybe I'll follow Angie's doing and throw in a totally random pic like a spider monkey for you!

Actually, no, this is the most recent photo I have on photobucket, I'll have to get some more of Zeke on my *NEW* webcam to share with you till I have a working camera again!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zeke's Personality

One of my online friends asked what our babies personalities were like, so I described my boy and Erin suggested I make it a blog post - so here it is!

My boy is social. He loves to talk and play with everyone, has a smile for you almost all the time. He HAS to be a part in everything, from sitting up at the table during a meal, playing games, cooking dinner, everything. On the flip side though, he can have days where he is very clingy (for him) and takes a long time to warm up to the environment. He will stay by me or circle the outside of the room very slowly, and back away when he feels overwhelmed.

He plays well above his supposed developmental age with other children, and is very good. If they do something he doesn't like, he will shout, but has never bitten, hit or pinched another child, even when they have done just that to him! He and his friend will play interactively, and without adult participation for half an hour or so.

He has a great sense of humour, and will laugh when everyone else does, or babble something and then crack up. He will also deliberately eat funny, make a silly noise, or do something else that makes people laugh, and will repeat it to keep you laughing.

He is very smart, and understands a lot of what is said to him, but has a short fuse when it is something he doesn't like, and will throw a tantrum till he gets what he wants. He is stubborn and determined about getting what he wants, and although he is not overly verbal just yet, he is extremely expressive and communicative, and understands how to use his body language and tone of voice to get his point across, almost anyone can understand him, even if they don't see a lot of him. I think he will end up in a job with a lot of face-to-face interaction.

He also needs to know *WHY* already. He doesn't ask why yet, but when he is told not to do something, (like touch the heater) he will do it just once to see what happens. He has never touched the heater again! I think we will have to use a lot of logic and rational explanations, "because I said so" will not go with this boy!

Most of the time during the day he is not a very cuddly boy, he prefers to be active at all times, but he will run to me at random for a quick kiss or cuddle and then go off again, however he is very physical in his games with you, and is always wrestling, jumping on or otherwise 'conquering' someone. When he's just woken up, he is very affectionate, and will smother Ryan and I in big wet kisses, and snuggles, but as soon as he has woken up fully, he's on the move!

He is very independent about a number of things and will not accept help with them. He has to feed himself, and cannot be rocked to sleep, he must be in his bed with the door shut, otherwise no sleep! Despite this, he is very flexible, and copes with with a change in routine, or having his nap time moved around. He rarely gets upset when a change happens that pushes him too far, he just becomes very quiet and wants to stay close to me until we go home for sleep.

However he is very co-dependant physically, he will not try many new things, and always looks to Ryan or I to hold his hand for a long time when he does. He is getting more sure of himself, and slowly breaking this cycle for simple things like playing on baby bikes or climbing onto his chair. He will never attempt steps without assistance, he will wait at the top/bottom with his hand in the air, waiting for someone to hold his hand and help him.

He also has an excellent memory, and will remember a game he plays with a specific person, or a toy at someone's house, even after weeks!

All in all he is my bright, beautiful wonderful little man!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Numbers For You All..

While I continue the search for my camera cable.

Zeke is now:

11.3kgs (not quite 25 pounds)
76 cm (2foot 6.5in)


7 teeth completely through (4x top incisors 3x bottom incisors)
3 teeth almost through (2x top molars 1x bottom incisor)
3 teeth on the way. (2x bottom molars 1x top canine)

Wears size:

0 tops
1 tops with the sleeves rolled up
1 onesies and sleep suits
1 pants with the legs rolled up.
5 shoes - but is on his way out of those

Size 0 is about 9 months in US sizing and Size 1 is about 12 months


Nana (banana)
Nada (another)
Duh (duck)
Duhduh (dummy)
Ba (book)
Baba (baby)
Moh (more)
Ah (yes, combined with a head nod)

Has said once only:

Love You

Can make these sounds:

Brrrm (car noise)
ZZZZ (bees)
SSSS (snake)
Beep Beep
Elephant trumpet
Rrrrr Rrrrr (bicycle bell)


Almost everything.

Doesn't eat:

Raw Onion
Leafy vegetables (he just can't chew them)

Hopefully I'll find either the cable for my camera or the card reader so I can upload some pics ASAP!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allergies - or not!

I can't remember if I mentioned before, but at Zeke's 1-year shots we were approached by some people from the Children's Hossy who were being funded for a research trial regarding food allergies and they offered us a skin-prick test for Zeke.

Naturally with all of Ryan's allergies to basically the world and my allergies to peanuts (more on that later!) we said yes, and Zeke was tested for peanuts, egg, sesame and shellfish. On the shellfish one he had the tiniest bump ever, so little they said it was more likely that he wriggled when they poked him, and it was irritated because of that, but to be safe they would refer us to the hospital for more tests.

And that is where we went on Monday. Of course I lost the letter telling us where to go, and upon asking at reception, we were sent to the bowels of the hospital where the allergy clinic is hidden. I think we walked past every utility room! Anyway, we make it there and wait for 10 minutes to be told that we'd been sent to the wrong place. Because it's a research trial and not actually part of the allergy/immunology clinic they're upstairs. Good thing too, the allergy clinic was tiny and crowded!

Another trek back to the right place again, where Zeke is given a broader test. More skin pricks, they don't hurt much, but it's no fun to have cold liquid dropped on your back and then a tiny little point shoved into your skin. After discussing our assorted allergies with us, including the vicious itchy rash I have been known to break out in after consuming peanuts, she offered me a prick test as well.

Why the heck not? At least I'll know if there's anything else I should avoid. I presented my arm and had the two control drops (one is pure histamine, one is water, you react to the first, but not the second, thus letting them know the test worked properly) then drops of oil for cashew, almond, sesame, hazelnut, and peanuts dropped on and pricked accordingly.

Well... it looks as though my days of telling people I can't eat peanuts are over! Not a single lump, bump or itch! I am not not NOT allergic to peanuts anymore! The lady testing said what was likely to have happened is that when I noticed the reaction to peanuts, my body was generally very stressed and unwell (massive allergic reaction to a bee sting, and two bouts of glandular fever - mono to some - all within a few months of each other, so yeah stressed is a good word) and was producing a lot of histamine anyway, histamine is the stuff produced when you have an allergic reaction that makes the prick tests swell up, and any allergen I came in contact with was likely to have a response.

She also said it's likely that being pregnant and breastfeeding changed things too, as the last two years I have been far less sensitive to the usual array of pollens I am treated to in spring time. She recommended I get a referral to an adult allergist from my GP to find out what is going on, especially as I still have the itchy skin, regardless of the lack of peanuts.

But the lack of peanuts is not anymore. I have feasted on several slices of peanut butter on toast and the special limited edition 10% more nuts Snickers bar Ryan lovingly bought me, and I am no worse for wear. And let me tell you, after years of being denied the peanuts to which I have always been so addicted, it has been WONDERFUL!

Now, all I need is a good chicken satay (I wonder if I can convince Ryan to buy the stuff for that for dinner tonight?) and my life will be complete.

Hooray for no allergies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Settling In

Well, we've been in the new house for a couple of weeks now, and we are STILL not unpacked. But we are getting there and it is gorgeous! I am totally in love with my kitchen. Part of the reason I haven't been unpacking properly, I've been so busy cooking!

No pics till it is properly organised though! ;)

We got a new couch and two armchairs from eBay the other day, they are not brand new by any means, but seeing as we've had them for 5 days and they have already had milk, Bundy and coffee spilt on them, crackers and chips shoved between the cushions and Zeke vomited on them yesterday morning, it reinforced my choice not to get brand new, nice expensive couches.

(If anyone knows how to get the smell of vomit out of the couch, that would be great too. I've cleaned it with a billion things, but it still stinks.)

In other news Zeke had a tummy bug yesterday, but seems fine now. He is generally doing very well and loves the new house with so much room and a big garden to play in.

Well, Zeke's napping and I need to get on with more unpacking & cleaning, so I'll see you all very soon!

Friday, July 31, 2009

To-Do List

This is my weekend to-do list in preparation for the big move. Posting this mostly to see how much I actually get done!

  2. Dry current wet laundry
  3. Wash dark towels & try to dry
  4. Pack clothes Zeke has outgrown
  5. Pack Zeke's clothes for next summer
  6. Remember to eat the leftover moussaka in the fridge for lunch before it turns
  7. Clean fridge
  8. Put fruit & veggies away properly
  9. Go to mum's to pick up clothes (maybe)
  10. Organise Zeke's outfit for party (I've picked mine, Ryan can look after himself!)

  1. Finish dishes & clean benches
  2. Sweep & mop kitchen floor
  3. Pack big kitchen things I won't use before the move. (Stockpot, blender etc)
  4. Pick up lounge and vacuum rug
  5. Pack formal & summer clothes for Ryan and I (stuff that won't be worn before the move)
  6. Dry any wet laundry from Saturday
  7. Wash any leftover laundry (this should be it bar bedclothes!)
  8. Organise Monday night dinner with Ryan's family
  9. Clean up bathroom, pack assorted bubble bath stuff I don't use.
  10. Cook dinner - I have SO much fresh food in my fridge, no excuse to order take away!

I think that's it... let's see how much I actually do! We're probably not moving for another week or so, so I can spread it out more, but I would like to get as much of this crap done as possible!

Oh, and because I haven't posted a piccie in a while, here's Zeke, with Arthur, my giant pink bear!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale...

Well, it's a long story but we have a house now! (Our current house was on an extremely short-term lease as the owner is going to knock it down soon.) However, it's a tale worth sharing, so get comfy!

We were getting no where with the formal rental market, real estate agents basically don't want to know about anyone who is unemployed, even if they are receiving Centrelink benefits, so even the few places we could afford (Real Estate will not only rarely give anyone a fair go, but they are a greedy bunch too) we didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting.

I'd begun to search out private rental properties again, where you're more likely to get a chance, but you often have to pay a little more, so again our choices were extremely limited. My search led me to posting an add on a few websites for private rental properties, saying what we were looking for and our price range.

After not more than a day or two, I was contacted by a lady who said she had a house that was up for grabs, 2Bd and in a great area. The price would stretch us a little, but we decided to go and look, and went to meet Sharon that same day.

It was a great little house, neat bedrooms, cute kitchen HUGE backyard, so much room for Zeke to play in, and we decided we'd definitely apply, S had said she was looking for some longer-term tenants, having just said goodbye to her previous tenants of 11 years. We felt good about our chances as S had read and liked my post online describing Ryan, Zeke and I and what we were looking for, and had approached and invited us to see the house. Actually invited, and had not just assumed we would want it!

After filling in the paperwork & getting a personal reference (from our lovely Minister friend John) We dropped the application back at the house, and not even 24 hours later (yesterday) I get a message from S asking me to call, which I did. The conversation went something like this:

S: Can you remind me if you have a car?
M: Yes, my partner and I have a car each.
S: Ahh, because we've narrowed it down to two couples, you and another couple, but they don't drive and need to be quite close to public transport.

At this point I'm thinking "Oh crap, we're not going to get the place." There is a bus stop right outside the front gate, obviously making the house perfect for an occupant without a car. I could also understand where she was coming from, S had made her intentions clear from the start that she wanted to find someone who would not only be good tenants, but that she would be helping too, and naturally this car-less couple suited better. However, there was a LOT more to come.

S: But we do have another house further up the road. It is a 3 bedroom, and we'd like to offer it to you.
M: How much would you be asking? The first house was our absolute price limit.
S: We'd be asking no more than the original house, I understand you need to be realistic about price. Would you like to make a time to view it?
M: How about tomorrow?

S explained that the previous tenants had more or less trashed the place, and had left a lot of rubbish and personal items in the house. There were holes in the plaster and the house needed a re-paint, but as she understood our time here is short, she would take us through right away - without opening the house to other applicants! Basically it was ours if we wanted it!

So today we head over and look at the house, and met Sharon and Robyn, the co-owner. S again apologised for the mess, and took us through the place.

Let me tell you, despite the fact that the house really does need a good clean from top to bottom it is GORGEOUS. There are 3 bedrooms, two with big built in robes, the lounge is huge with a lovely heater, there's a separate dining space and the kitchen is to die for! The oven is massive, and there is a two-drawer dishwasher! The kitchen has storage and cabinets out the wazoo and a massive island bench in the middle. Gas cooking and hot water, with a SPA BATH in the bathroom, and the most gorgeous glass sink and mirror. Not to mention the giant double linen closet, a smaller one near the bath and a separate toilet (I never liked toilet and bathrooms in one) and a separate laundry! The backyard is massive, a gentle slope and well lit, with a big proper clothes line, and a huge lemon tree!

The downsides? Trivial really. Because of the depth of the bath I will have to bathe with Zeke, as I won't be able to reach him safely if he is in there by himself. Oh, and I expect the glass sink will be a royal pain to keep looking nice. As I said, trivial.

S is turning out to be the most wonderful landlady, and we haven't even signed the lease yet (she is getting the paper work, and we can't do the condition report and pay bond till the house is clean.) She understands that we have to move soon, and has arranged to focus on the house providing she can finish the garden after we move in.

S: I would always phone to confirm if it was okay before I came.
M: That's fine. Our last landlord would always just appear at random.
S: Oh, I could never do that. It will be your house after all.
M: That's great!

It was good that Sam came to do so much of the front gardens etc, but it was always unnerving to wake up at 8am to find him mowing the front lawns... and then putting the grass clippings in our rubbish bin!

As the house needs to be painted and S wants the place to be done when we move, she and Ryan came to an agreement, that if Ryan does some/all of the painting, she will credit us rent from our first payment for the work he does. Not all of the rooms need painting, and the ones that do only need one coat and she is offering an extremely generous rate (we told her so, and gave her the chance to offer less) so it is an excellent deal! And even though we have not signed the lease, Ryan will be getting a key tomorrow to have access to paint whenever he is able, not just when S or R will be available to let him in. She is also letting us move some of our things over already in small lots to make the main move easier on us.

S and R have truly proven to be angels, not only are they giving us an amazing house at an amazing rate, they then offered us another fantastic deal. If we're willing to help clear the garden initially (part of the previous tenants TLC included somehow letting a completely tanbarked garden become knee-high in weeds) and then maintain it, (easy as it will be getting re-topped, so no mowing and minimal weeds, only the occasional rake to keep it level really) she will knock $20 off the rent every week!

By this point we are more or less speechless with their generousity, but S and R went on to explain that they are aware they could easily ask $100 more per week for the property, but would rather know that they will be taking on responsible, long-term tenants who will be good to the house and to them. They also know what it's like to do it rough, so understand charging more would mean we couldn't rent the place, and know that we simply won't get a chance in the formal rental market. Oh and yes, LONG-TERM we're looking to sign a 2-year lease, and pretty much the house is ours as long as we want it from then on, as long as we pay the rent & don't trash it. Done and done!

After a million more thank yous, and some arrangements to get a key sorted, and exchanging phone numbers (we'd only exchanged numbers via email up to this point, so was good to actually write them down!) Ryan and I headed back home and to spread the good news.

We also realised we can now get a dining table, and it turns out fate really has been smiling on us. I jump on eBay and find a really nice table, that matches the wood floors, with 4 chairs in a style Ryan & both love (and I thought we'd never agree on anything interior design wise!) for $80! Naturally I clicked "Buy it now" - and we're arranging to collect the table sometime this week.

So that is the saga of finding a new house. We really landed on our feet this time. A stunning, long-term house, with amazing landladies, for a brilliant rate!

Best get to packing hey?

Miranda xoxo

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Know You're A Parent...

When you get excited about poo!

Specifically your baby's first normal poo after over a week of gastro. That's right, the stomach bug came to visit Zeke & I... no fun at all. Needless to say we are very relieved to have things heading back to normal after a week of vomit and diarrhoea.

He had really bad gastro, and then every time he seemed to be getting better, he'd throw up again... and wow can that boy puke! After many discussions with various health professionals, the ER doctor at the local hossy FINALLY told us it was normal for a baby to go up and down in health when fighting a virus, because their body fights it in waves, rather than all at once like an adult would.

I'm glad someone finally told us what was going on because, he was getting better, and then almost exactly 12 hours later would start up vomiting again... and it scared the daylights out of him... poor little guy didn't understand at all. :(

Now I'm catching up on all the cleaning that needs to be done. When you're playing shortstop to baby vomit, everything that does not have puke on it tends to get ignored in favour of mopping up.

Now that he's well I hope to have a better update soon!

Don't even have any new pics... I fail!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A few pics from his birthday party...

I never got around to posting them. (Those on FB will have seen them before.) There aren't many because my hands were so full & Zeke wasn't feeling well.

Zeke and his friends playing


His epic ducky birthday cake (the blue stuff is jelly)


Time for cake!


Finally feeling well enough for cake 4 days later.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another new sound...

Is in the works... "woof" Sometimes it sounds more like "boo-ffffff" as he exhales loudly at the end, but he definitely has the idea & knows that the little dog at the end of his "Dear Zoo" book goes "Woof!"

Oh, and did I mention he can hiss like a snake? It's more of a lisp the way he does it, but it sounds like our house has a slow leak sometimes!

Miranda xox

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He can say a new word!

That's right, my clever boy can say a new word - two actually.

The first one that's appeared over the last few days is dummy, he says "duh-duh" (not to be confused with Dada) he can ask for it when he hasn't got it, and will show it to us, and tell us what it is when he's holding it!

The second one, which he's been saying for a few days now, but it took me a while to work out was "nuhdah" turns out he means 'another'! He'll give us his empty bottle or cup and say "nuhdah!" or when he's finished a snack and wants more will say it then too! He can say more ("moh") but hasn't used it for a while, and obviously finds "another" more effective!

That brings his total word count to 7 now!

More ("moh")
Banana ("anana")
Duck ("duh")
Dummy ("duh-duh")
Another ("nuhdah")

It's almost 8, he says no occasionally, "neh" when he's offered something he doesn't want, but is not using it in context or consistently enough for me to be sure he's got it.

Gah, he really is a smart boy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My smart boy!

I am just SO proud of Zeke and what he has been learning the last few days, I need to tell you all!

  • Zeke really liked some specific pictures in a catalogue so I decided to cut them out and stick them in a page in his drawing book so he could look at them whenever he wanted. He enjoys looking at pictures that he likes frequently, so this was a good way not to have a pile of junk mail hanging around and let him keep the pictures. There's a picture of some apples, a cat, some puppies, a baby and the biscuits from the packet we'd just finished. Very proudly later the same evening, he's showing Ryan the pictures, and suddenly he points to the biscuits, says "nana" (which sometimes means banana, and sometimes food in general) and runs off to the pantry to wait for us to get him a biscuit. He can also ask for an apple like this now - so I'm definitely going to have to get some new pictures done so he can ask for more than apples and biscuits!

  • Last night, we were sitting (well he was sitting, I was kneeling) at his little table and eating dinner. I'd forgotten to peel his carrots before I cooked them, and he doesn't like carrot skin, so I was pulling the skin off each slice and making a small pile of them on the table next to my plate. I also spat a little bit of gristle from my chicken into my hand and put it there too, and Zeke had obviously been watching me very closely. He ate another piece of carrot and found a bit of skin I'd missed, so he pulled it out of his mouth and put it in the pile with the other skins & gristle!

  • Not long after that, when I was putting our plates away, he had followed me into the kitchen and was making his "mmm na na na" noises, asking for food, so I gave him a piece of carrot that was still in the pot. I forgot to peel it, so he spat the carrot out and threw it on the floor. I told him right away "If you don't want it, don't throw it on the floor, give it back to Mummy", and he picked it up, and tried to open the cupboard under the sink where we keep the bin. He gave me the carrot and was very pleased to see it go in the bin.

  • The last couple of days as well, he's really been noticing where things belong in the house, if he finds the phone lying around he'll carry it over to the base (which is on a small chest of drawers) and try to put it back in its cradle, although he can't quite reach. When we offer to help him, he gives the phone over and watches to make sure we put it away. He also spotted my mobile on the floor (it usually sits on the mantle next to the heater, but had fallen off) and as the mantle is well out of his reach, called for me and stretched up with the phone to show me what he wanted! He couldn't bring the phone to me, because it was plugged in to charge and the cord would only let him go 2 or 3 feet, so he shouted out until I came to him!

  • He's also starting to show me when he needs a nappy change, by finding a nappy, either from his nappy bag, or the actual packet and bringing it to me. He doesn't always let me, know, and sometimes he's just playing with the nappy, but it's a start!
I am still in awe sometimes that I made this boy, and how smart he is, watching him learn and play, and absorbing all these little things I teach him. There really are not words for how proud or happy it makes me to see him developing into such an awesome boy!

Back again...

We've been sick - then got better briefly, then got sick again. It has been a vicious cycle! Anyway, here's an update of the last couple of weeks.

The week before Zeke's party we were all sick. I had gastro, a cough, sore throat the works. Zeke was snotty and generally cranky, turns out the poor baby had a double ear infection. Anti's cleared it up quickly enough, but oh my god - upset tummies from antibiotics make for the WORST nappies. Ryan had some respitory/cold thing as well... we were a sick bunch!

Then, just as that was clearing up Fri night before his birthday party Zeke developed a slight fever, but seemed okay on Sat morning, so we went ahead with his party, although of course once everyone arrived he was obviously not 100%, and was very tired - he didn't even have any cake!

By Sat evening he was feverish again and started refusing bottles, he was also restless and sleeping poorly though some paracetamol had helped lower his fever. He woke up around 2am and cried non-stop, absolutely nothing we did could settle him, so we decided his ears might be infected again so we took him down to the ER of the children's hossy where he had his op.

Of course he turned into Mr Personality again once we were there, smiling and flirting, but the Dr said he was obviously not well, his throat was a bit red, his ears were a little sore, and generally everything was a bit off. She Dx a general virus and told us to take him home and to push fluids, and lots of love, and to go to the GPs on Monday if he was still unwell.

Sunday was generally sleepy as we'd gotten back from the hossy at 6.30am, not to mention being pooped from his party, and he was fairly good that night. However when he woke at 7.30am Monday, had a bottle & went straight back to bed, I knew he still wasn't better. He woke again at 10.30, had 3oz, a nappy change, and then picked up hs dummy, laid down on my lap and went to sleep - just like that, after only 20 mins of awake time. He woke again at 12.30pm, and repeated the same routine and was very lethargic & dopey, not to mention hot, so I decided I wasn't happy, especially with how out of things he seemed, and to skip the GP and head back to the ER.

This time he was definitely sick and a nurse saw us right away, and said he'd try and get us seen ASAP, when he saw that Zeke was spiking at 39.8 (103.6 F). Zeke just flopped on our chests, and did almost nothing. The Dr who saw us was lovely, & said we'd done the right thing to bring him in, as lethargy + fever can be very serious.

Thankfully it wasn't serious, still a virus, which had to get worse before it got better and a big dose of paracetamol began to ease his fever almost immediately. The Dr also wanted a urine sample, so we had Zeke without a nappy on for over an hour, bribing him with Pedialyte, chocolate milk, gatorade and cordial to try and get him to produce something. He got pretty cranky being in the little cubicle, so we thought we'd test out karma for a little, giving Zeke the chance to pee on us in public - we walked around the ER station for 20 mins with him only in a onesie, Ryan following along with a cup just in case and nothing!

However the Doctor decided that given how well he was responding to just the paracetamol that there probably wasn't a UTI as well, and sent us home, saying if he wasn't improving in the morning to persevere with the sample & take it to the GP for testing & ABs if needed.

Fortunately Zeke went straight to bed when we got home & barely woke the whole night, waking late on Tuesday morning & acting like a new baby! He's been steadily improving ever since, but of course I promptly came down with a head cold, which I spent the last week recovering from, too zonked to post here.

And now... his birthday! I haven't uploaded pics yet, as there are a lot of other things I need to do here, so many unread blogs and emails! It was great, a lot of work, but a huge success, lots of fun & laughter. The cake looked AMAZING, I am so proud of myself. We of course have enough toys to start a toy store & enough books to start a children's library, but I am trying to space out discovering them, so there's something new for Zeke to do each time he gets bored with something he has had for a while.

And now an update on Zeke seeing as I've been lazy and not done a proper update - he was weighed on his 1year birthday.

Weight: 9.8kgs (21 lbs 9 1/2 oz) but just 10 days later when he was weighed in the ER has stacked up to 10.3 kgs (22 lbs 11oz) still a lightweight, but gained 500g so fast!

Height: 75cms (29.5 inches - my baby is almost 2 1/2 foot tall!)

He is running almost everywhere, I don't think he crawls anymore unless it is over the top of Ryan or I when we are playing! He picks things up and carries them too. We got him a push along toy thing for his birthday, and he only just worked out how to push and walk along behind it today - until now he's been carrying it everywhere! I think there's a photo somewhere on my camera.

Zeke has learned a new word and he is obsessed with it - "duh" which means duck. He has a few books with ducks in them now, and he will keep bringing the books to us demanding "duh duh duh!" until we open it to the right page to show him. He even knows which book has ducks on 3 different pages, and won't stop until he's seen all 3!

There's even a book which I was convinced didn't have one on it, and yet Zeke was pushing the book on my lap, slapping it and going "duh duh duh!" and I'm trying to divert to another book that I know has a duck in it. But Zeke was smarter than me, finally he takes the book over to Ryan, who looked where Zeke was pointing (and I thought he was just banging the book, bad mummy!) and there it was, his precious "duh!" barely an inch high on the back cover!

When the TV had some white geese (which for all intents and purposes are just big ducks) & goslings, which if I hadn't known better would have thought were ducklings, on it this morning, his proud "DUH!" and pointing was just too cute for words! I think it's time to rug up & head to a lake to see if we can't find some "duh" for real to feed. Zeke's good at throwing things, so I expect will be great with bread - as long as he doesn't eat it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mama Bear Never Sleeps

The last few days have been a deluge of earaches, snot and general crappiness. Poor Zeke has had a massive ear infection, as have I, and now Ryan.

Anyway, this has meant Zeke has been restless and crappy, and spending some of the night in our bed. Last night was no exception other than we were all feeling a bit better and we were generally peaceful.

Zeke had woken, and I was giving him his bottle lying down. I must have dozed off because Ryan had taken the bottle from me, and when Zeke had finished, Ryan asked if I wanted him to put Zeke back to bed.

Zeke by now had taken his dummy back and was snuggling into me. So I cuddled him and said to leave him. Zeke and I both drifted back off to sleep peacefully. Not so Ryan, Zeke is a kicker and takes up an amazing amount of bedspace for such a tiny person.

Ryan decided to take Zeke back to bed and tried to take him from me (I was asleep with Zeke snuggled to my chest, one hand over him resting on his tummy) and I - without waking - told (and fought) Ryan off, and held onto Zeke... he tried a few more times with the same result, and eventually slept as much as he could with Zeke's little feet pummeling him!

So it turns out Mama Bear never sleeps. Even when I am half dead with exhaustion and death gunge, my baby belongs with me and you'd better not try and argue that fact!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


How can it be that my sweet, beautiful wonderful baby has already turned one? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was introducing this tiny sleepy boy to the world?

Now he's walking (running), talking (sort of) and generally getting into all kinds of havoc!

Here's a few pics from his day... you can see the rest on my Facebook.






Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Crafty with Zeke!

There've been so many things I've wanted to blog about recently. Zeke's operation, moving house, him learning to walk properly... and I've been too busy enjoying it all! Well not the operation, that was far too much gut-wrenching stress (it all went marvellously however) but the rest has been so damned awesome I'm having too much fun to want to sit down and blog.

I will try and do a proper update about his operation soon, and fill you all in on what we've been up to.

Anyway, the last few days we've been getting pretty crafty with Zeke. I've made my own fingerpaints, playdough and bought him some pastels to do some drawing, and it has been FUN!

The finger paint is very simple, just cornflour, water and food dye - I gave him too many colours so we ended up with mud, but when I took a sheet of paper and pressed it into the pattern, the end result is still very cool!

Here's Zeke having a go with the finger paints, we made a huge mess but loved it.



The only way to clean him up was to put him in the bath afterwards. (MAKE SURE YOU WASH THE BABY FIRST, if the food dye paint sets on the skin it is hard to clean off!)


The playdough recipe came from the cream of tartar packet, which is in the baking aisle. There are heaps of fun ideas online for cool colours and scents to add to your playdough too. Again, it's very simple to make, I made it plain, and halved the finished playdough to knead in food dye so we had red and blue.

"Oooh, what is this?"


"Hey, it's kinda fun!"


"Zeke SMASH!"


"Some red too!"


"Eeeeeew! Salty!"


And lastly the pastels, Zeke's quite funny about them, very specific which colours he wants, and actually seems to co-ordinate them quite well most of the time. An art prodigy perhaps?

I chose the oil pastels, because you do not have to press very hard (like pencils) you don't have to hold them a certain way (like pens) they are also reasonably hard to break (like crayons) and don't get all over his hands (like textas/markers)

Not sure why but Zeke seems to think that sitting on the paper is best for drawing!


A finished master peice!


So that's some of what we've been up to lately. If I don't blog for ages it's because I'm too busy enjoying my boy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zeke's First Easter! Part 1

Well, Zeke's first easter has come and gone! What an awesome day it was too! The day started with an egg hunt at Granny's house, then moved to lunch at U.John & A.Jean's where we made Ressurection Buns and painted eggs. Zeke slept through the second egg hunt and rolling the eggs down the drive, but still had a great time and loved all the chocolate!

Well onto the important part... pics!

Zeke finds his first egg....

Tastes the foil...

And puts it in his basket!

He soon found some more eggs and taste-tested them all!





He also tried to steal some eggs!


Checking out his bounty with Granny


And tasting yet more foil!


Finally the real thing!


Part 2 will come tomorrow morning once the rest of the pics are uploaded!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10 Months and 5 Days

And Zeke is now walking!

We were practising standing alone (which he can do when you help stand up then let go) and I was sitting about 3 1/2 feet in front of him, with Ryan helping him. I held out my arms and said "come to mummy" expecting Zeke to drop and crawl to me.

Guess he had other ideas! Zeke leaned forward, shuffled his feet a couple of times, and then all of a sudden went step, step, step, plonk and fell straight into my arms! I turned him round and Ryan called him, back he went, step, step, step plonk!

He did this back and forth game 5 or 6 times, including with time out to get Ryan's camera working so we could record this awesomeness! So far his record is 3.5 feet and 6 steps! We will be practising this often.

Holy crap I'm the mother of a toddler! On the other hand, isn't he supposed to do this later?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well not the most cheerful post for finally updating, but Zeke is sick and Ryan lost his job.

Zeke has a definite cold and the Dr said maybe bacterial in his lungs/throat. We have Demazin for the snot, ABs for the bacterial and panadol for the fever and likely sore throat. (Dr said it was inflamed and red.) I am also hoping that the Demazin gives us a good night rest as I am exhausted and stressed!

Ryan hurt his back at work just on a month ago and has been off ever since. He was fired this morning because "he was costing too much" let me tell you this is utter freakin shit... but because they've stated financial reasons and company downsizing as the reason they fired him, we can't do anything even though he was off with an injury he got at work.

I promise I will try to do a better update that is more cheerful soon... however let me see if I can at least find a photo to share...

Here's Zeke after a painting session at Mum's Group!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo Update


Zeke shows off his bandaid from his blood test.


Singing into a Mountain Dew bottle.


His latest trick... this is one for the 21st album! (He makes honking noises into the bottle so his cheeks puff out)


Having a swim with some of our mum's group friends


Bathtime with Aunty Leah


"What is this thing on my head?"


Chewing on his rubber duckie.

Hopefully that will tide everyone over for a while, I'm trying to get a new update started!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Ticklish Boy!

You can view the You-tube (better quality) here

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is just for you!

Zeke shows off his new trick, holding the bottle with his feet. He can almost drink a whole 180mls (6oz) by himself without help now!

Storytime at the library - playing with the beadframe after the stories were finished

MMMMM... green beans and spaghetti one of Zeke's favourites!

Modelling the paper hat I made for him.

Zeke's first trick of the New Year!

Checking out the new cot - he loves it and sleeps so well!

This is what happens when you shake a bottle - see all the drops of milk all over his face?

There you are Miss A, I hope you like it!