Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 19

Friday was music again - hooray! Somehow ended up being a little late to that, not really sure what happened there, the morning just kind of got away from us.

Zeke wouldn't nap when we got home though, which was frustrating, meant he was so tired and miserable later in the day, although he did go to bed a little easier.

We decided to have Hungry Jacks on Friday night as well, I was so proud of Zeke, he sat up in his high chair, and held and ate a cheeseburger all by himself! He's really getting grown up now - even checked out one of the waitresses - cheeky boy!

Friday 19th February 2010


Unfortunately I'd left my camera at home so I only have photos of Zeke and his cheeseburger on my phone, and I didn't end up taking anything else, so I snapped a photo of the gorgeous portraits we had done in Feb 08... I can't believe this was a year ago! How much Zeke has grown... I've not changed much though!

(Apologies for the crappy lighting. It's too dark w/out the flash, but reflects with it. )

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