Sunday, February 7, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 5

Mini Maestros, our music class was back! Zeke naturally (after dancing and clapping half the morning) immediately turned shy on arrival, and wanted to sit on my lap the whole session. He'll warm up to it again soon no doubt!

I can't be sure, because there was a lot of background noise at the time, but I think Zeke told me "up up" while holding his hands out to be picked up at music! If he did, that's 3 new words in a week (Lillia "Lala" Done/There "Deh!" and up...) maybe this is the start of a word explosion for Zeke? Should do a new post counting his words while I'm at it!

Back home for a nap and then a play. I have a feeling we got up to something else, but I'm pretty tired, so cannot for the life of me remember what. No, wait, Ryan worked all evening and Zeke was cranky without his Daddy.

Friday 5th February 2010


No time to take pics at music, we're too busy dancing and having fun! We were playing with blocks later in the day, and Zeke was so proud of himself for stacking all those blocks on his own! Not the best picture ever, but I have about 3 seconds from the completion of the tower to him demolishing it in one flying blow, if I want to get a photo!

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