Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Days to go...

Well the date I thought our baby would arrive has come and gone. So much for mummy's intuition! However with that date passed there are now only 10 days till the baby is officially due.

Let the countdown begin...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

38 weeks

Naughty Miranda! I am so bad at this remembering to update regularly thing!

So what's new? I have had two midwife visits, a chiropractors appointment and a visit with Julie since I last updated, all is still well, my BP is amazingly low, and the baby's heartrate is perfect as usual. I had my Strep-B swab thing done on Monday as well, so I should hear back about that soon.

The head is still not engaged at all, hence the chiro visit. Julie suggested that because my hips are a bit crooked and weird that the baby is having trouble fitting properly, and a whole lot of pubic bone pain added to the misery so I went off for a chiro visit yesterday. Talk about bliss! I feel SO MUCH better since seeing her. Still a little tender, but I can move nice and easily now, and the baby has been a lot more active as well, so I think getting poked and prodded a bit has made everything better.

In the meanwhile I am exercising and stretching as much as I can to get everything all lined up and soft for the big day... which can't come soon enough!