Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 30

Seriously we need to stop doing things! We went to Lincraft and Officeworks yesterday, then I went food shopping and then off to Cat & CJ's for dinner and to let Zeke and Kayleb play. They seemed to be getting a bit sick of each other though, the squabbles were more intense than usual, but generally they have fun.

Zeke seems to have a new word too, "Lala" which means Lillia - Ray & Glenda's little girl. He is very taken with her, and always wants to know what she's doing. He's said it a couple of times relating to her now... but he doesn't say it when she's not there, so I think that's a new word!

Saturday 30th January 2010


Cat got Kayleb's old walker out for Lillia to have a chance to sit up with everyone else. Of course both the boys decided they needed a turn too - amazingly enough they still fitted! Zeke saw the camera and immediately posed... a nice change from the usual stunned looked I get!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 29

Out to play again with Kayleb! We've been seeing a lot of him, and we'll be having dinner there tomorrow night! It's awesome having some friends just 10 minutes up the road.

This time we went to the swimming pool, and Zeke was so much more enthused this time. He got a bit nervous and clingy when there was too much noise or splashing, but overall he didn't freak out, and it didn't take me 30 minutes to coax him into the water. He walked of his own accord!

There's this water slide in the kiddy pool as well, it's a frog, the ladder runs up its back and then you slide down the tongue...kinda gross huh? Of course when Kayleb saw Monique using it, he wanted a go, then Zeke saw Kayleb... and you get the idea. The first couple of goes I just sat him at the bottom and held his hands so he could shuffle the last bit himself, he doesn't like using big slides on his own yet, I need to hold his hand.

Then he's sitting on the edge of the pool kicking his feet and splashing me when he realised that the bigger kids were actually going right around and starting at the top. So up he hops, and follows them around. I had to sit him on my lap to take a turn. He wasn't overjoyed by it, but he wasn't scared... just looked kind of surprised! He didn't want to go on it again though, but at least he didn't scream. But I am SO impressed with how independent he's becoming, wanting to go and jump on the slide all on his own.

Too busy swimming to take any pics from the pool visit. They also have a no-cameras rule at that place... privacy rules and what not.

He's beginning to play peek-a-boo now too, he'll hide his face in his hands and open them suddenly, then crack up laughing. Tried to get some photos of that too... not much success.

Think the swimming tired him out today, he was in bed 30 mins before usual, hope this means he won't be up at stupid AM tomorrow!

Friday 29th January 2010


This is the photo I managed to get today. During the peek-a-boo games Ryan was also blowing big raspberries on Zeke's tummy, I wasn't looking at the screen on my camera when I took this, just held it over them and hoped for a good shot, turns out I got one. I love how Zeke is happy with his whole face, not just his mouth. A lovely silly shot of my gorgeous boys playing.

365 Photos - Jan 28

Awesome weather for a picnic in the park! We ending up being late, between my taking longer at the shops than I planned, and then Zeke's nap being longer than expected, although really we weren't in any rush. Kayleb & Zeke were happy to see each other of course, and took off in about two seconds flat.

Had a lovely picnic lunch with Cathryn, Monique and Kayleb... I was a genius, found travel mugs so Cat & I could have coffee while the boys & Mon played - lovely! Zeke was far more adventurous too, he didn't need me there right next to him, and even wanted a go on the slide, just a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have even gone near it! Cat & I took a different route home, (the park we visited is right next to the boys' playgroup, so we will be walking it weekly as of next Monday) and there is no more nasty hill! We'll get a little bit of hill at the start of the walk going there, but it's still much better than before!

Oh, and Zeke stuffed himself FULL of hummus... I'm not sure if it's just the taste, or the action of dipping as well, but he can't get enough!

Thursday 28th January 2010


Zeke & Kayleb have been close from the word go, Cat & I were pregnant at the same time, and then when Kayleb was tiny and Zeke wasn't born, Zeke would pummel my belly when he heard Kayleb cry! They're the best of friends and the worst of enemies, and they'll turn Cat & I grey with their misadventures!

Here they are having a cuddle, we hadn't pushed them together just said "cuddles!" and they snuggled together. Zeke looks a bit stunned, but he was all for the hug - I think it was the flash that made them blink.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 27

Up to date at last! Another quiet day today, although Zeke was up inexplicably early for him. He did have two naps to compensate though. We have two or 3 busy days coming up - so hopefully we'll all get lots of rest tonight.

Absolutely stoked to hear Bec & Damien's little girl is here as well. Welcome Mia Lillith!

Wednesday 27th January 2010


Zeke loves to play with my wallet, he really likes taking the cards out of their pockets and sliding them back in. Normally this is not an issue, because I NEVER have any cash in there, although today I did, and thought I'd hidden it well enough, but apparently not.

He looks very serious in this one, but until he saw the camera, he was running around shrieking, grinning from ear to ear and flapping the money. He was so very proud of himself - cheeky boy! Boy were there upsets when we decided it was time to put it away... and he doesn't even know what it is yet!

365 Photos - Jan 26

A sluggish start to the day for all of us, and another nap before we were all up and moving to celebrate Australia Day. Headed round to a friend's place for a BBQ, Zeke naturally was only interested in the chocolate cake! He had a lovely time playing with the two girls there, although he wasn't quite sure what to make of the older one, she was something of a 'mother hen' and Zeke doesn't really like being told what to do!

Tuesday January 26th 2010


Some patriotic art just for Australia Day. Zeke LOVED the little toothpick flags, and he LOVED the playdough, once he worked out the flags could stand up in the playdough, he was off to find more, gathering them from wherever he could (including stealing them from a very artistically decorated sombrero!) and this is his finished product.

365 Photos - Jan 25

Zeke thought it would be a good idea to get up early this morning... guess it was the early night previous. I was not totally impressed, but it meant he got a nap in before we went out. We were minding Monique while Cathryn took Kayleb to the doctors. He had a lovely time, and actually went down the inflatable slide by himself without holding my hand - this is a big step, he would not even try the tiny tiny ones at playgroup a few weeks ago! He needed help getting up the step, but once he was up there he sure knew what to do!

We had Granny and all his aunties around for dinner as well, Zeke typically loved the attention, especially when Granny and Aunty Kyla gave him his after-dinner bath.

Only a week till playgroup is back - we are very excited!

Monday 25th January 2010


Here's Zeke post-bath, brushing his teeth and cuddling with Aunty Kyla, who is clearly not too big to sit on her mum's lap. Loved this pic!

365 Photos - Jan 24

After so many busy days, we decided we just needed to stay home for a bit! I went food shopping briefly, but really a quiet day. Uncie Pyro & Kat came around for dinner, but Zeke was pretty worn out and went to bed early. Didn't stay up too late myself, after so many busy days and knowing Monday was booked too, it was an early night for all.

Sunday 24th January 2010


Zeke is a very generous little guy, he will share almost anything he is eating/drinking with you. Here he's insisting I have some toast with my coffee. (Don't mind the pink above his eye, just a bit of pre-breakfast artwork that missed the paper!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 23

Another busy day for what was expected to just be hanging around at home. Zeke woke up acting like I'd chained him to a post for a week, boundless energy and LOUD! Ryan had some extra work to do as well, so decided it was for the best if we got him out of the house.

Phoned Cathryn and made some plans to meet at a local indoor play centre, Kayleb needed to get out too. The boys had heaps of fun running around, making noise and otherwise expending energy. Zeke fell in love with the little cars they have for toddlers, the ones that you 'Flintstone' around in by pushing with your feet. Took forever to get him off.

By the way if you go to Yoyo's Play centre in Wantirna - skip the coffee, not worth the $3.50.

Cathryn & I decided to head home so our now tired and cranky boys could nap, then Ryan, Zeke & I went back to Cathryn's for dinner. The boys had more fun, Zeke was really enthused and happy, he ran around the entire time going "OOOOH! OOOH OOOH!" like he was a train whistle or something. I've never seen him do that before!

Home again exhausted to upload the last two day's worth of photos, but by the time my computer was done I was too pooped to get them online. So here it is!

Saturday 23rd January 2010


Zeke being 'Mr Cool' in the toy cars at the play centre, he needed me to push him (he's not quite tall enough to reach the ground to use his feet, so while I paused to take a couple of pics of Kayleb on the jumping castle, he was hanging out waiting for me!

365 Photos - Jan 22

What a busy day! I didn't have anything planned initially, but then late Thursday night we made plans to go to the pool, with Billi, Sam and Eliza to say goodbye before they head out to NSW for a year.

Zeke was a bit apprehensive about the water first, but in the end he loved it, Ryan got some awesome photos by playing with some more settings on the camera. I really should learn more than point & shoot. Eliza was as adorable as ever, and such a sweet snuggle bug! I got a lovely couple of photos of Ryan cuddling her.

When we got home we suddenly remembered that we'd made plans with Sal & Dave for Sal's birthday party, and we were pretty sure it was that night! So after a quick trip to the shops for some BBQ meat we were on our way. Zeke had even more wonderful fun playing with everyone, there were even a few little kids to play with, including his step-step-cousin (or something like that - she's Ryan's stepmother's stepfather's granddaughter - work that out!) But we were all exhausted when we got home.

Friday 22nd January 2010


I know this is really blurry but I like it for some reason, Zeke was playing with Grandave in the 'orchard' (not really, just the area with fruit trees, it's pretty small) at the back of the garden, and I caught this one as Zeke was chasing Dave through the callas lilies (think that's what they are.) Even though it's totally blurry, I love the action in it, I like to call it "Jungle Baby!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 21

Zeke woke up crazy this morning, so I decided to take him out for a picnic lunch with mum. We had a lovely time, Zeke ate all of the sesame seeds off a roll (but none of the roll!) and a lot of hummous! The park is the grounds for a Resevoir, and there are usually heaps of ducks, but none at all today... very surprising! We also took him for a walk on his trike... hopefully he learns to steer soon!

Had a lot of battles with keeping his hat on today, he is normally so good about it, so I didn't get many photos taken, which was a shame, the weather was lovely and the playground had some awesome colours in it, which looked great with his red shirt and colourful shorts. The few photos I did get aren't bad, but nothing special really.

Cheated on dinner and got takeaway noodles tonight, they came with chopsticks, and once Zeke realised what I was doing, he wouldn't have anything to do with his fork! He was more interested in stirring my noodles with them than trying to master them though, and was wary of taking any food that I offered on them. Think I might wait a while before furthering his cultural diversity!

Thursday 21st January 2010


Today's photo is not of the park visit, as the photos I got were average, instead this is our kitten Mocha. She joined us just after Christmas for those who haven't 'met' her yet. Anyway, she is terribly interested in the bath, and likes to sit on the edge while it is running and Zeke has a splash. Let's just say that curious kitten + curious (and pushy) toddler + body of water = one drowned rat! This is after Ryan had dried her off some, she got totally soaked... boy was it hard keeping a straight face telling Zeke not to push the cat into the bath again!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 20

Mum, Kyla, Zeke & I went fabric shopping this morning, and we found the perfect fabric for the bridesmaid dresses! Zeke got a bit bored, but he loved having his Grandma and aunty to switch between for cuddles while Mummy ummed and ahhed!

We had a lovely silly session dancing around to the music on Play School too, but he has no concept of "and when the music stops you can FREEZE!" He just kept jumping. Can't wait for music classes to go back!

I also experience the great stewed plum massacre of '10... he got them EVERYWHERE! In the end the best thing to do was to take his high chair outside and just hose it. On the upside, he really like stewed plums!

Wednesday 20th January 2010


Zeke has been obsessed for a while with rearranging the furniture in the house, mostly light things like the dining and computer chairs... today, he turned his attention to the chest of drawers! I'm not sure how he managed it, but he had no help!

365 Photos - Jan 19

Daddy was out almost all of yesterday! Zeke was not impressed by this in the slightest, he had a massive cranky for a lot of the day, however that all improved (naturally) once Ryan walked back in.

Tuesday 19th January 2010


I was playing peek a boo with Zeke while he was in his high chair yesterday, and he was giving me some gorgeous smiles, so thought I would grab the camera and get one... apparently the next time I did it, he was onto me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 18

Well it poured yesterday! So we spent the day inside in our PJ's. Granny and some of the girls came to dinner last night, and we had a lovely time. Zeke even went to bed early! All round it really was a nice, peaceful day.

Monday 18th January 2010


This is part of what we had for dinner, it looked so nice I had to take a photo. It was Asian-style mince and rice, which you wrapped in a lettuce leaf along with some of the fillings here. Yes, I cut it all by hand too... I love sharp knives!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 17

Up early today, after staying up too late last night - trying to get some pastry for the quiche I was making made & baked. Not sure if it was making it at 1am or the 3 Bundies I'd had but whatever it was, things were not going in my favour! Anyway, got up early and made the filling for the quiche and off to Granny's house for her birthday lunch. Fortunately the quiche was delicious - and Kyla made quite possibly the best cake ever. Chocolate hazelnut and raspberry... YUM!

Back home after a couple of rounds of Articulate (it's a guess the word board game basically) and Zeke straight down for a nap... I went too, and was very surprised when I woke up at 10 minutes to 7 in the evening! Threw a bunch of things together and off to Cat & CJ's for our usual dinner, had a lovely cuddle with their friend's daughter Lillia again, but poor Kayleb wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. Zeke on the other hand loved it once L & K were in bed, he had our undivided attention AND a bath to himself!

Sunday 17th January 2010


While we were waiting for Julia to come back from church to have lunch Kyla found some bubble mix and we had a play with that... I was trying to get Zeke's feet visible behind all the bubbles settled on the carpet, but he was just moving too quickly. Still pleased with the result all the same... I'm trying to be a bit more artistic with my photos.

365 Photos - Jan 16

Hmm... Saturday. It was pretty quiet all round really, we were all tired out from the beach. I went food shopping and cleaned up some... that was about it, otherwise we bummed around the house! Zeke seemed extra cranky though, I'm not sure what that was about, he was fine today (Sunday.)

Now I'm just waiting for the upload to finish so I can include the photo!

Saturday 16th January 2010


Just a sweet pic of Ryan & Zeke having a snuggle and doing one of Zeke's favourite things - drawing! Other than that, I took a couple of pics of the kitten asleep on my lap... really nothing that major!

365 Photos - Jan 15

A slow morning, I tried to get some tidying done, but Zeke had other ideas and undid everything I managed to do. Cherie & her friend Nat came round and we had some more wedding talks later on... it's really coming together now! So much going on! In the evening we went with Grandave, Noni, Erin and Corrie to have dinner at Mornington, Zeke was exhausted and sandy by the time we returned - signs he had fun! He LOVED the water, even though he got cold, and he was sad when it was time to get out. We also tried to show him how to build sandcastles, but he had more fun just tipping the sand. By the time he was done, he'd buried his feet, got a bit freaked out about it too, needed to be lifted out.

He also ate a truly epic amount on Friday. 3 weetbix with milk for breakfast, a whole (2 slices of bread, crusts and all) peanut butter sandwich, and goodness knows how many chips at dinner, along with bits of my souvlaki, some battered hotdog, and I think a few bits of people's fish! Turns out he likes tartare sauce too!

Anyway, onto the photo!

Friday 15th January 2010


Zeke, his Daddy and Grandave playing in the shallows. Grandave was picking Zeke up and swinging him so his feet skimmed the water and he made a big splash, he loved it! I love the timing on this photo, it looks like Zeke is running on the water!

Friday, January 15, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 14

Really didn't get up to much yesterday, just a quiet day around the house. We took Zeke for a walk in his tricycle around lunchtime, but that's about all. We're supposed to be going out for dinner with Grandave, Noni (that's pronounced Nonny, as opposed to my Noni) and some of Zeke's aunties tonight, so that should be good!

Thursday 14th January, 2010


Zeke was being cute yesterday, so naturally I had the camera out for a bit and he was VERY interested in what I was doing. I showed him how to press the shutter button while I held the camera, and let him take a few photos. He would move it around watching the screen and press the button at random. (I was still holding it properly the whole time mind you - not going to let the camera just be in his hands!) This is one of the photos he took, it's pretty out of focus, but I love his toes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 13

Ahhhh bliss, a comfortable temperature yesterday! Zeke had a looooong nap too, which gave me the time to have a decent shower and wash my hair properly - felt so much better! We had dinner at Julia's house, her niece from overseas was visiting last night, it was lovely to meet some more of the extended family!

Wednesday 13th January 2010


I handed my camera over to Julia for most of the evening as hers was flat and she wanted to take some photos of dinner, but I snapped this one of Zeke while we were playing. He is beginning to look like such a little boy. Not a baby anymore! It's all happening too quickly!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 12

Nothing special to go on about yesterday. We were grateful for the cool change though I can tell you what!

Tuesday 12th January 2010


Another photo I love. Captures Zeke's affectionate and daddy-worshipping personality. They were both sitting up on the couch watching TV, when Zeke pushed Ryan over to lay down, and climbed up on him like that. Zeke's also holding onto Ryan's hand... awwww!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 11

It was hot yesterday, 41.4 C (106F) so there weren't many photos taken, we were all too busy sprawled out melting. Instead, I took a photo of something to show you all.

Monday 11th January 2010


Zeke painted this just before Easter 2009, but it was a long while (almost 6 months) before we hung it up where he could see it. The first time he saw it again and every time since, he says "Oof" which is Zeke-speak for dog. No matter how often we ask him what it is, or how long between questions, his unvarying answer is "Oof!"

Ladies and Gentlemen: Dog, a poster paint on canvas work by Ezekiel Fullerton.

Monday, January 11, 2010

365 - Jan 10

Didn't take a whole lot of photos yesterday, was busy catching up on cleaning from when I was sick. Also, my camera was on charge for the afternoon. We had dinner at Pete & Kat's house, and I was able to catch Zeke in action, I've been trying to get a picture of this for a while!

Sunday 10th January 2010


He's a very organised little man, and knows where things go. If he finds your shoes, he will bring them to you and try to put them on. With simple shoes like thongs, he's actually starting to get it right too!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 9

Annora and Ben's wedding yesterday, it was beautiful. Zeke was really well behaved for the most part too, even though it was a long time to sit still. Also had dinner at Cat & Angel's as normal, but Zeke and Kayleb were both waaaay over tired. SOOOOOO many shits were cracked about the most ridiculous things. We came home earlier than usual and Zeke went straight to bed - didn't hear a peep out of him till 9.30am! As I write this at 10.34am Kayleb is still asleep!

Saturday 9th January 2010


The photo isn't very good, I forgot to turn my flash on, but I just love Annora's face in this. We were singing (well everyone else was, I'm not too familiar with the church's music.) There was a 4 piece band, and a singer - all amplified and I could still hear Annora... just something about the joy on her face and in her voice - I love it! Makes me excited for Ryan's & my big day in April!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Checkup....

Friday (yesterday.... I have to keep reminding myself this, I'm so tired lately it feels like it was a week ago already!) we had another check up at the hospital with Zeke's plastic surgeon. Was supposed to be the 6-month post op check but it got moved twice, so it's actually almost 9 months now.

Anyway, we're all up early and in the car and out of the house before 8. Of course, because we've allowed for a long run, the traffic is brilliant, and we made it from our driveway to the end of the Eastern Fwy in about 30 minutes... had we left 10 minutes later, that same drive would have been more like double that.

Get there stupidly early, and head into McDonalds for some breakfast, I wasn't feeling epic, so Zeke ate most of my hotcakes... he usually won't touch my pancakes though hmph! Another bonus to having an early appointment, outpatients haven't had a chance to run late yet, so we were seen ON TIME, and if anyone else has been an outpatient at RCH, you'll know how much of a miracle this is!

Great to see the Doctor (David) again, and show off just how awesome Zeke is doing. I swear that boy knows when he's on display, he either becomes the most perfect little angel, or a screaming hell-raiser - fortunately he chose angel! David checked his head and his scar out, and said they were both looking great, and observed Zeke playing for a few minutes while he chatted to us, and checked if there was anything we're concerned with about his head or development - nothing on our end either.

The upshot of it is - and I use David's words here - Zeke is looking to be a perfectly normal and healthy little boy! (He doesn't know us that well if he used the word normal... But in this case normal is exactly what we wanted to hear!) We don't even have to go back for another 12 months!

We will probably have another neurological check around his second birthday (I'm pretty sure they said they wanted one - I can't remember!) but no more plastic surgery! We were supposed to have more 3d photos done of his head yesterday too, but their camera was broken, so we're waiting on a phone call to make the trip in and get that done.

So good news all round from this appointment. Hooray! Beyond relieved to be able to say NORMAL!

Miranda xoxo

Ps: I will do my 365 photos for the 9th tomorrow, I took a LOT of pics today and they'll take forever to upload.

365 Photos - Jan 7 & 8

Got a little bit behind because I've had some horrid gastro the last two days. Thankfully Zeke seems to have avoided it. Feeling better this morning too, which is great, we have a wedding to go to later on, and I would hate to miss it. (Especially as I need some more ideas for our big day later this year!)

Thursday 7th January 2010

Happy Birthday Eliza! Zeke's little cousin Eliza turned 1, and her parents had a picnic at Lower Eltham Park. The weather was gorgeous, not too hot, and there was plenty of room for Zeke to stretch his legs. We even managed to get Zeke to keep his hat on - and tolerate sunscreen so no sunburn! (Hooray!)


Here are Zeke and Eliza playing, they haven't had much opportunity in the past, because one of them has always been asleep when we've gotten together. They were very sweet together, Zeke shared a toy very nicely with her (thank goodness, it was Eliza's!) and Eliza tried to give Zeke cuddles. We will miss them when they move to NSW in a couple of weeks!

Friday 8th January 2010

An early start today, off to see Dr Chong, Zeke's plastic surgeon for a check up. Fortunately we got a good run. We made it from our house to the end of the Eastern in about half an hour! It was Alexandra Pde that slowed us down, it took almost another 30 minutes. We decided to grab something to eat at McDonalds, and have a play on the playground before his appointment, which went really well. It was when we got home that I started to feel really unwell, so spent most of the day lying down.


Ryan is such a big kid! This is one of those rides, you put in $2 and it moves back and forth and plays music for a minute or two. I popped Zeke in it to play while we were waiting, which he loved, and Ryan couldn't resist having a go too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 6

Wednesday 6th Jan 2010

There's some crappy virus in our house today. We're all tired and cranky, I definitely have an upset stomach and a mild fever. Zeke isn't himself quite either Zeke was exhausted, he went to bed at 7.30 pm and didn't wake up till 8.30am! I passed out on the couch not long after he went to bed myself. He had two naps as well today instead of one, and I slept through both of them as well... so yes, this virus is taking it all out of us!

We had some fun in the evening though, finally got around to setting up the little tricycle that Granny gave Zeke for Christmas and took him for a little walk, he loved it, but cried when we came home! I've had to hide it in Ryan's office so he doesn't scream about it when it's time for bed... speaking of, why is he still awake?

Today's photo...


Zeke absolutely worships Ryan, and wants to be a part of whatever he's doing. Especially when it comes to playing guitar! He's twiddling the volume knob at the moment, and about 2 seconds later went over and clicked one of the pedals... I suspect there's going to be another musician in the house.

365 Photos - Jan 5

Another quiet day yesterday. We were all tired and in bed early!


Zeke still found time to have some fun though, he loves playing with anything he can wrap around his head or neck... in this case my undies. Time to start a dress up box I think...

Monday, January 4, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 4

Monday 4th January 2010

More whining and crankiness today. Think Zeke is frustrated with not being able to tell us what he wants.. hurry up words! We got away with only one bath though :)

Lots of laundry done today. I'm hoping the weather isn't scorching hot again tomorrow so I can get some more loads on the line. If it gets too hot, I can't stand being out there to hang them.

Now, to the photo...


Aunty Kyla dropped around today with a VERY cool surprise for Zeke... his very own drum kit! He's been banging away like a little crazy thing, definitely takes after his Daddy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 Photos

A few other blogging friends are trying this, basically you post one photo from each day, or 365 photos. Hopefully this will get me posting a little bit more. I have a big thing with my day to day life being too boring to post.

Anyway, without further ado here are our first few days of January!

Friday 1st January 2010

A quiet day, we were all pretty tired from our celebrations and staying up the night before. We all had extra naps, and generally lazed around the house, even Mocha!


And Ryan likes to claim he doesn't like cats....

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Went to Cat & Angel's for dinner and let the boys have a play. Can't believe how big Lilia is getting, she's such a little girl now! Won my first game of pool on their table too, as Jad said the sweetest word in the English language - 'Default!'


Zeke loves all babies, but especially real live ones like Lilia who he can play with.

Sunday 3rd January 2010

Pete, Kat and Kermit came for dinner, tacos :) Ate too many as usual, the last one I had was definitely a mistake and the second-to-last one was iffy as well. Probably should have stopped at 3! Zeke slept in for hours this morning, but had spat up over night so it was all dried in his hair - lovely. Seemed no worse for wear though. He had a bit of a fever and was clingy this evening... hope he's not getting sick.


In a couple of weeks Zeke has gone from hating baths so much it was hard to get him to have even 1 per week, to loving them so much he wants at least one per day if not two! Mocha seems pretty interested as well...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

How things change in 12 months... look at Zeke!


Zeke December 2008


Zeke December 2009

May all of you have a wonderful 2010, filled with laughter, fun, love and surprises.

Miranda xoxox