Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 9

Tuesday - Zeke was cranky! Heat, teething, terrible twos... I'm still not sure. We were supposed to go shopping with Cherie, but decided to stay home and rest instead. I needed to tidy up for visitors the next day anyway.

In the evening, we went around to Leah's for dinner, and while Zeke was having his bath, he said ANOTHER new word - bubble! Leah & I both heard it, and kind of looked to each other to be sure he'd said it. That makes 7 new words recently, although camera, thank you and bubble have only been said once.

I really think we may be hitting the word explosion as Zeke has also got a new sound 'ga' although I am not 100% sure if it means something or if he's just impressed he can say it!

Tuesday 9th February 2010


Zeke was playing cute with Ryan under his high chair, and I had to get in with the camera! This is a bit of a milestone for Zeke, he's not been crazy about climbing under things in the past, so pretty impressed by this as well. He won't reach under his cot yet, but a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have reached under his chair either!

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