Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 4

Another warm day - more tantrums, but HEAPS of sleep. He slept 11 hours at night, and 3.5 hours in the day. He was ready for bed by 1/4 to 8, but was up again an hour later, back in bed by 9.30 after a bath. Getting more and more sure teeth are coming!

He was really really trying to tell me a new word in the bath too, it was either 'there' 'that' or 'done' the context he was using it in suits all of them. It's sort of "Deh" (as opposed to Da or Duh) and he says it quite sharply, when he's giving you something, but because it is something he wants "that," what you've asked for "there" or something he's finished "done" I can't be certain 100% what it means.

Thursday 4th February 2010


Zeke was very active and had a great wrestling session on the couch with Ryan. I was playing with the multi-shots option on the camera, and caught this. That blurry thing is a pillow Zeke was about to whack Ryan with. Not the best pic, but it amuses me all the same!

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