Sunday, February 7, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 6

Daddy headed off early with his groomsmen to get suits for the wedding, so Zeke and I decided to head out with Grandma to visit her cousin. Naturally, when needing to leave at 1.30, Zeke decides his usual 11.30am nap time is redundant and doesn't sleep until 12.40. Although he was obviously a bit tired, he was on his absolutely best behaviour! Such a good boy :)

After that visit, it was home for a quick nappy change, re-pack his back and go to Kayleb's for dinner! (It's our Saturday night routine now!) The boys had a lovely time playing, although neither of them ate much dinner, some law of toddler logic I guess. After dinner we put them both in the bath, and boy was it a splashy one! They were having heaps of fun, and Cathryn and I were laughing too hard to stop them. Zeke got a bit overwhelmed by it in the end, but it was great fun! I was so drenched I had to change my clothes. Thank goodness for never cleaning my car out, I wouldn't have had nothing to change into otherwise!

Ended up getting home MUCH too late, but Zeke as usual was just fantastic, so well behaved, even when he was fall-down exhausted - he really is awesome!

Saturday 6th Febraury 2010


We were trying to get a group shot of the kids, Zeke, Kayleb and Lillia... this is about the best we got. Pinning two toddlers down for a photo is hard work!

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