Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 20

Saturday ended up being busy, we had to go put a deposit on my wedding ring, buy envelopes for wedding invites, and stop by Grandave's to pick something up as well. It meant that Zeke missed his usual nap, and he was pooped, bored and cranky in the shops, but had a wonderful time playing with Grandave, and even said 'Camera' again! He also showed Grandave how fantastic he's getting at jumping, and all the different animal noises he can make (as well as scoffing half a slice of toast with tuna and grilled cheese!)

By the time we got home it was so late in the afternoon, I only let him have 45 minutes to sleep, otherwise I knew he'd be up all night. I felt horrible waking him up, he was so tired. Thankfully our usual Saturday playdate was off this week, but ZEKE WENT TO BED AT A NORMAL TIME! Ryan and I both breathed a huge sigh of relief, and followed not long after!

Saturday 20th Feb 2010


Another thing Zeke loves as well as drawing and building is music. (Although he gets all shy in music classes!) He has a xylophone, a kazoo, a mini drumkit and a toy guitar, but best of all is Grandave's piano - he heads straight for it as soon as we arrive there. I got Ryan to play with him this time, I can't actually play anything, and it was nice for Zeke to play with someone who can play something properly.

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