Monday, February 22, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 17

So... Wednesday was a bit of a write-off after the crappy bedtime we had. It was warm/humid too, which made Zeke cranky, not to mention the last of that virus bugging him.

We went shopping with Grandma for a little while, and I FOUND MY WEDDING RING! (You all have to wait till the big day to see it, unless you're a JM friend though :P)

Despite doing my best to wear Zeke out again (and waking him up earlier) he was still horrid at bedtime again, I think we got him down maybe slightly earlier, but no easy task all the same!

Wednesday 17th February 2010


Zeke loves drawing, so we got him an easel with a whiteboard for Christmas. It's the perfect height for him, and it means there's less paper strewn around the house - awesome! Anyway, he's worked out that he can smudge the marks with his hand (less awesome, the texta goes on his hands, and then on everything else) to change the effect of the drawing, and he is quite deliberate about it, this is one of his finished products. I love the pink & black colour scheme - really vibrant!

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