Friday, January 15, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 14

Really didn't get up to much yesterday, just a quiet day around the house. We took Zeke for a walk in his tricycle around lunchtime, but that's about all. We're supposed to be going out for dinner with Grandave, Noni (that's pronounced Nonny, as opposed to my Noni) and some of Zeke's aunties tonight, so that should be good!

Thursday 14th January, 2010


Zeke was being cute yesterday, so naturally I had the camera out for a bit and he was VERY interested in what I was doing. I showed him how to press the shutter button while I held the camera, and let him take a few photos. He would move it around watching the screen and press the button at random. (I was still holding it properly the whole time mind you - not going to let the camera just be in his hands!) This is one of the photos he took, it's pretty out of focus, but I love his toes!

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