Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 Photos

A few other blogging friends are trying this, basically you post one photo from each day, or 365 photos. Hopefully this will get me posting a little bit more. I have a big thing with my day to day life being too boring to post.

Anyway, without further ado here are our first few days of January!

Friday 1st January 2010

A quiet day, we were all pretty tired from our celebrations and staying up the night before. We all had extra naps, and generally lazed around the house, even Mocha!


And Ryan likes to claim he doesn't like cats....

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Went to Cat & Angel's for dinner and let the boys have a play. Can't believe how big Lilia is getting, she's such a little girl now! Won my first game of pool on their table too, as Jad said the sweetest word in the English language - 'Default!'


Zeke loves all babies, but especially real live ones like Lilia who he can play with.

Sunday 3rd January 2010

Pete, Kat and Kermit came for dinner, tacos :) Ate too many as usual, the last one I had was definitely a mistake and the second-to-last one was iffy as well. Probably should have stopped at 3! Zeke slept in for hours this morning, but had spat up over night so it was all dried in his hair - lovely. Seemed no worse for wear though. He had a bit of a fever and was clingy this evening... hope he's not getting sick.


In a couple of weeks Zeke has gone from hating baths so much it was hard to get him to have even 1 per week, to loving them so much he wants at least one per day if not two! Mocha seems pretty interested as well...


Surviving Triplets said...

What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see all 365 photos.

Matilda said...

Have I started a crazy or something lol.

I blame AusPhotography.

Can't wait to see more!