Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 27

Up to date at last! Another quiet day today, although Zeke was up inexplicably early for him. He did have two naps to compensate though. We have two or 3 busy days coming up - so hopefully we'll all get lots of rest tonight.

Absolutely stoked to hear Bec & Damien's little girl is here as well. Welcome Mia Lillith!

Wednesday 27th January 2010


Zeke loves to play with my wallet, he really likes taking the cards out of their pockets and sliding them back in. Normally this is not an issue, because I NEVER have any cash in there, although today I did, and thought I'd hidden it well enough, but apparently not.

He looks very serious in this one, but until he saw the camera, he was running around shrieking, grinning from ear to ear and flapping the money. He was so very proud of himself - cheeky boy! Boy were there upsets when we decided it was time to put it away... and he doesn't even know what it is yet!

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