Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 28

Awesome weather for a picnic in the park! We ending up being late, between my taking longer at the shops than I planned, and then Zeke's nap being longer than expected, although really we weren't in any rush. Kayleb & Zeke were happy to see each other of course, and took off in about two seconds flat.

Had a lovely picnic lunch with Cathryn, Monique and Kayleb... I was a genius, found travel mugs so Cat & I could have coffee while the boys & Mon played - lovely! Zeke was far more adventurous too, he didn't need me there right next to him, and even wanted a go on the slide, just a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have even gone near it! Cat & I took a different route home, (the park we visited is right next to the boys' playgroup, so we will be walking it weekly as of next Monday) and there is no more nasty hill! We'll get a little bit of hill at the start of the walk going there, but it's still much better than before!

Oh, and Zeke stuffed himself FULL of hummus... I'm not sure if it's just the taste, or the action of dipping as well, but he can't get enough!

Thursday 28th January 2010


Zeke & Kayleb have been close from the word go, Cat & I were pregnant at the same time, and then when Kayleb was tiny and Zeke wasn't born, Zeke would pummel my belly when he heard Kayleb cry! They're the best of friends and the worst of enemies, and they'll turn Cat & I grey with their misadventures!

Here they are having a cuddle, we hadn't pushed them together just said "cuddles!" and they snuggled together. Zeke looks a bit stunned, but he was all for the hug - I think it was the flash that made them blink.

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