Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 29

Out to play again with Kayleb! We've been seeing a lot of him, and we'll be having dinner there tomorrow night! It's awesome having some friends just 10 minutes up the road.

This time we went to the swimming pool, and Zeke was so much more enthused this time. He got a bit nervous and clingy when there was too much noise or splashing, but overall he didn't freak out, and it didn't take me 30 minutes to coax him into the water. He walked of his own accord!

There's this water slide in the kiddy pool as well, it's a frog, the ladder runs up its back and then you slide down the tongue...kinda gross huh? Of course when Kayleb saw Monique using it, he wanted a go, then Zeke saw Kayleb... and you get the idea. The first couple of goes I just sat him at the bottom and held his hands so he could shuffle the last bit himself, he doesn't like using big slides on his own yet, I need to hold his hand.

Then he's sitting on the edge of the pool kicking his feet and splashing me when he realised that the bigger kids were actually going right around and starting at the top. So up he hops, and follows them around. I had to sit him on my lap to take a turn. He wasn't overjoyed by it, but he wasn't scared... just looked kind of surprised! He didn't want to go on it again though, but at least he didn't scream. But I am SO impressed with how independent he's becoming, wanting to go and jump on the slide all on his own.

Too busy swimming to take any pics from the pool visit. They also have a no-cameras rule at that place... privacy rules and what not.

He's beginning to play peek-a-boo now too, he'll hide his face in his hands and open them suddenly, then crack up laughing. Tried to get some photos of that too... not much success.

Think the swimming tired him out today, he was in bed 30 mins before usual, hope this means he won't be up at stupid AM tomorrow!

Friday 29th January 2010


This is the photo I managed to get today. During the peek-a-boo games Ryan was also blowing big raspberries on Zeke's tummy, I wasn't looking at the screen on my camera when I took this, just held it over them and hoped for a good shot, turns out I got one. I love how Zeke is happy with his whole face, not just his mouth. A lovely silly shot of my gorgeous boys playing.

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Matilda said...

i can hear his laughter from here, lovely shot.