Sunday, January 17, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 15

A slow morning, I tried to get some tidying done, but Zeke had other ideas and undid everything I managed to do. Cherie & her friend Nat came round and we had some more wedding talks later on... it's really coming together now! So much going on! In the evening we went with Grandave, Noni, Erin and Corrie to have dinner at Mornington, Zeke was exhausted and sandy by the time we returned - signs he had fun! He LOVED the water, even though he got cold, and he was sad when it was time to get out. We also tried to show him how to build sandcastles, but he had more fun just tipping the sand. By the time he was done, he'd buried his feet, got a bit freaked out about it too, needed to be lifted out.

He also ate a truly epic amount on Friday. 3 weetbix with milk for breakfast, a whole (2 slices of bread, crusts and all) peanut butter sandwich, and goodness knows how many chips at dinner, along with bits of my souvlaki, some battered hotdog, and I think a few bits of people's fish! Turns out he likes tartare sauce too!

Anyway, onto the photo!

Friday 15th January 2010


Zeke, his Daddy and Grandave playing in the shallows. Grandave was picking Zeke up and swinging him so his feet skimmed the water and he made a big splash, he loved it! I love the timing on this photo, it looks like Zeke is running on the water!

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