Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 22

What a busy day! I didn't have anything planned initially, but then late Thursday night we made plans to go to the pool, with Billi, Sam and Eliza to say goodbye before they head out to NSW for a year.

Zeke was a bit apprehensive about the water first, but in the end he loved it, Ryan got some awesome photos by playing with some more settings on the camera. I really should learn more than point & shoot. Eliza was as adorable as ever, and such a sweet snuggle bug! I got a lovely couple of photos of Ryan cuddling her.

When we got home we suddenly remembered that we'd made plans with Sal & Dave for Sal's birthday party, and we were pretty sure it was that night! So after a quick trip to the shops for some BBQ meat we were on our way. Zeke had even more wonderful fun playing with everyone, there were even a few little kids to play with, including his step-step-cousin (or something like that - she's Ryan's stepmother's stepfather's granddaughter - work that out!) But we were all exhausted when we got home.

Friday 22nd January 2010


I know this is really blurry but I like it for some reason, Zeke was playing with Grandave in the 'orchard' (not really, just the area with fruit trees, it's pretty small) at the back of the garden, and I caught this one as Zeke was chasing Dave through the callas lilies (think that's what they are.) Even though it's totally blurry, I love the action in it, I like to call it "Jungle Baby!"

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