Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 23

Another busy day for what was expected to just be hanging around at home. Zeke woke up acting like I'd chained him to a post for a week, boundless energy and LOUD! Ryan had some extra work to do as well, so decided it was for the best if we got him out of the house.

Phoned Cathryn and made some plans to meet at a local indoor play centre, Kayleb needed to get out too. The boys had heaps of fun running around, making noise and otherwise expending energy. Zeke fell in love with the little cars they have for toddlers, the ones that you 'Flintstone' around in by pushing with your feet. Took forever to get him off.

By the way if you go to Yoyo's Play centre in Wantirna - skip the coffee, not worth the $3.50.

Cathryn & I decided to head home so our now tired and cranky boys could nap, then Ryan, Zeke & I went back to Cathryn's for dinner. The boys had more fun, Zeke was really enthused and happy, he ran around the entire time going "OOOOH! OOOH OOOH!" like he was a train whistle or something. I've never seen him do that before!

Home again exhausted to upload the last two day's worth of photos, but by the time my computer was done I was too pooped to get them online. So here it is!

Saturday 23rd January 2010


Zeke being 'Mr Cool' in the toy cars at the play centre, he needed me to push him (he's not quite tall enough to reach the ground to use his feet, so while I paused to take a couple of pics of Kayleb on the jumping castle, he was hanging out waiting for me!

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Matilda said...

I don't know any kids that doesn't like those little tykes cars. Every time we are at the toy library that is one of the first things that Kayla grabs. And god forbid if someone else gets it.