Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 13

Ahhhh bliss, a comfortable temperature yesterday! Zeke had a looooong nap too, which gave me the time to have a decent shower and wash my hair properly - felt so much better! We had dinner at Julia's house, her niece from overseas was visiting last night, it was lovely to meet some more of the extended family!

Wednesday 13th January 2010


I handed my camera over to Julia for most of the evening as hers was flat and she wanted to take some photos of dinner, but I snapped this one of Zeke while we were playing. He is beginning to look like such a little boy. Not a baby anymore! It's all happening too quickly!

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Matilda said...

Yeah they grow up so fast don't they. Zeke is looking like a little boy now. I bet he'll be having a massive word explosion soon too.