Tuesday, January 12, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 11

It was hot yesterday, 41.4 C (106F) so there weren't many photos taken, we were all too busy sprawled out melting. Instead, I took a photo of something to show you all.

Monday 11th January 2010


Zeke painted this just before Easter 2009, but it was a long while (almost 6 months) before we hung it up where he could see it. The first time he saw it again and every time since, he says "Oof" which is Zeke-speak for dog. No matter how often we ask him what it is, or how long between questions, his unvarying answer is "Oof!"

Ladies and Gentlemen: Dog, a poster paint on canvas work by Ezekiel Fullerton.

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Matilda said...

Kids memory amazes me. The fact that Zeke still says 'oof' now... well god bless him. Kayla amazes me everyday with her memory.

It's a great picture, and def one that deserves to be put on the wall.

I've just put all of kayla's pictures she has done over the last 3 years in display books. I still don't have the heart to throw any of them out. Which is something you may want to consider too.