Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 21

Zeke woke up crazy this morning, so I decided to take him out for a picnic lunch with mum. We had a lovely time, Zeke ate all of the sesame seeds off a roll (but none of the roll!) and a lot of hummous! The park is the grounds for a Resevoir, and there are usually heaps of ducks, but none at all today... very surprising! We also took him for a walk on his trike... hopefully he learns to steer soon!

Had a lot of battles with keeping his hat on today, he is normally so good about it, so I didn't get many photos taken, which was a shame, the weather was lovely and the playground had some awesome colours in it, which looked great with his red shirt and colourful shorts. The few photos I did get aren't bad, but nothing special really.

Cheated on dinner and got takeaway noodles tonight, they came with chopsticks, and once Zeke realised what I was doing, he wouldn't have anything to do with his fork! He was more interested in stirring my noodles with them than trying to master them though, and was wary of taking any food that I offered on them. Think I might wait a while before furthering his cultural diversity!

Thursday 21st January 2010


Today's photo is not of the park visit, as the photos I got were average, instead this is our kitten Mocha. She joined us just after Christmas for those who haven't 'met' her yet. Anyway, she is terribly interested in the bath, and likes to sit on the edge while it is running and Zeke has a splash. Let's just say that curious kitten + curious (and pushy) toddler + body of water = one drowned rat! This is after Ryan had dried her off some, she got totally soaked... boy was it hard keeping a straight face telling Zeke not to push the cat into the bath again!

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