Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 7 & 8

Got a little bit behind because I've had some horrid gastro the last two days. Thankfully Zeke seems to have avoided it. Feeling better this morning too, which is great, we have a wedding to go to later on, and I would hate to miss it. (Especially as I need some more ideas for our big day later this year!)

Thursday 7th January 2010

Happy Birthday Eliza! Zeke's little cousin Eliza turned 1, and her parents had a picnic at Lower Eltham Park. The weather was gorgeous, not too hot, and there was plenty of room for Zeke to stretch his legs. We even managed to get Zeke to keep his hat on - and tolerate sunscreen so no sunburn! (Hooray!)


Here are Zeke and Eliza playing, they haven't had much opportunity in the past, because one of them has always been asleep when we've gotten together. They were very sweet together, Zeke shared a toy very nicely with her (thank goodness, it was Eliza's!) and Eliza tried to give Zeke cuddles. We will miss them when they move to NSW in a couple of weeks!

Friday 8th January 2010

An early start today, off to see Dr Chong, Zeke's plastic surgeon for a check up. Fortunately we got a good run. We made it from our house to the end of the Eastern in about half an hour! It was Alexandra Pde that slowed us down, it took almost another 30 minutes. We decided to grab something to eat at McDonalds, and have a play on the playground before his appointment, which went really well. It was when we got home that I started to feel really unwell, so spent most of the day lying down.


Ryan is such a big kid! This is one of those rides, you put in $2 and it moves back and forth and plays music for a minute or two. I popped Zeke in it to play while we were waiting, which he loved, and Ryan couldn't resist having a go too!

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