Sunday, January 10, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 9

Annora and Ben's wedding yesterday, it was beautiful. Zeke was really well behaved for the most part too, even though it was a long time to sit still. Also had dinner at Cat & Angel's as normal, but Zeke and Kayleb were both waaaay over tired. SOOOOOO many shits were cracked about the most ridiculous things. We came home earlier than usual and Zeke went straight to bed - didn't hear a peep out of him till 9.30am! As I write this at 10.34am Kayleb is still asleep!

Saturday 9th January 2010


The photo isn't very good, I forgot to turn my flash on, but I just love Annora's face in this. We were singing (well everyone else was, I'm not too familiar with the church's music.) There was a 4 piece band, and a singer - all amplified and I could still hear Annora... just something about the joy on her face and in her voice - I love it! Makes me excited for Ryan's & my big day in April!

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