Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 Photos - Jan 6

Wednesday 6th Jan 2010

There's some crappy virus in our house today. We're all tired and cranky, I definitely have an upset stomach and a mild fever. Zeke isn't himself quite either Zeke was exhausted, he went to bed at 7.30 pm and didn't wake up till 8.30am! I passed out on the couch not long after he went to bed myself. He had two naps as well today instead of one, and I slept through both of them as well... so yes, this virus is taking it all out of us!

We had some fun in the evening though, finally got around to setting up the little tricycle that Granny gave Zeke for Christmas and took him for a little walk, he loved it, but cried when we came home! I've had to hide it in Ryan's office so he doesn't scream about it when it's time for bed... speaking of, why is he still awake?

Today's photo...


Zeke absolutely worships Ryan, and wants to be a part of whatever he's doing. Especially when it comes to playing guitar! He's twiddling the volume knob at the moment, and about 2 seconds later went over and clicked one of the pedals... I suspect there's going to be another musician in the house.

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