Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Checkup....

Friday (yesterday.... I have to keep reminding myself this, I'm so tired lately it feels like it was a week ago already!) we had another check up at the hospital with Zeke's plastic surgeon. Was supposed to be the 6-month post op check but it got moved twice, so it's actually almost 9 months now.

Anyway, we're all up early and in the car and out of the house before 8. Of course, because we've allowed for a long run, the traffic is brilliant, and we made it from our driveway to the end of the Eastern Fwy in about 30 minutes... had we left 10 minutes later, that same drive would have been more like double that.

Get there stupidly early, and head into McDonalds for some breakfast, I wasn't feeling epic, so Zeke ate most of my hotcakes... he usually won't touch my pancakes though hmph! Another bonus to having an early appointment, outpatients haven't had a chance to run late yet, so we were seen ON TIME, and if anyone else has been an outpatient at RCH, you'll know how much of a miracle this is!

Great to see the Doctor (David) again, and show off just how awesome Zeke is doing. I swear that boy knows when he's on display, he either becomes the most perfect little angel, or a screaming hell-raiser - fortunately he chose angel! David checked his head and his scar out, and said they were both looking great, and observed Zeke playing for a few minutes while he chatted to us, and checked if there was anything we're concerned with about his head or development - nothing on our end either.

The upshot of it is - and I use David's words here - Zeke is looking to be a perfectly normal and healthy little boy! (He doesn't know us that well if he used the word normal... But in this case normal is exactly what we wanted to hear!) We don't even have to go back for another 12 months!

We will probably have another neurological check around his second birthday (I'm pretty sure they said they wanted one - I can't remember!) but no more plastic surgery! We were supposed to have more 3d photos done of his head yesterday too, but their camera was broken, so we're waiting on a phone call to make the trip in and get that done.

So good news all round from this appointment. Hooray! Beyond relieved to be able to say NORMAL!

Miranda xoxo

Ps: I will do my 365 photos for the 9th tomorrow, I took a LOT of pics today and they'll take forever to upload.

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