Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 Photos - March 11

Thursday was a busy day! We were up early, and I decided to take Zeke on the bus to Mountain Gate shops to put some more money on my wedding ring, and to have a look in the really cute clothing store for something for Zeke to wear to the wedding.

Zeke did NOT like the bus. He cried every time someone got off, because he thought we should be getting off too, but we got there in the end, and went to the jewellers, then started to look for the shop I had seen last time. Took me ages to find where it should have been, and turned out it had closed since the last time I'd been there!

We grabbed some lunch after that, and Zeke decided he would only eat the little things of tomato sauce I had bought for him to eat with his chips! Caught the bus home, and Zeke went straight down for a nap, and I got online to chat with my JM buddies!

Once Zeke was up again, I realised I needed to get something for dinner, so back on the bus to the shops. Not having a car sucks sometimes! I also found Zeke's suit for the wedding, turns out there is a GREAT, well-priced shop right near us and the lady who owns it is lovely, will be heading back for shoes soon.

Boy were we pooped by the end of the day! Zeke was down early, as was I!

Thursday 11th March 2010


And impromptu family photo as we snuggled up with Zeke ready for bed. As normal, Zeke looked away from the camera, he always does this for these types of photos!

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