Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 28

Finally caught up with February. Pity I'm already a week behind in March... I should do this more often!

Sunday morning was pretty quiet, after a late-ish and busy Saturday. Zeke decided to nap later, because he woke up later, which threw our plans off. I was supposed to head up to Kat's for hair practise for the wedding, ended up doing a full dress rehearsal - looks stunning by the way - and Ryan wanted to work on the skyline with Pyro and AB. Zeke's being asleep meant I had to leave him at home, and Ryan had to keep an ear out for him, so slowed down the car fixing progress considerably, but they did get it started!

Once everyone was back up at Kat & Pyro's we had dinner, Nandos, a particularly spicy (if you order it so) Portuguese chicken, Zeke mostly had chips, but still stole bites of my wrap, which was quite hot and loved it!

Home again, all worn out and excited about my dress! When I came out in it, even Zeke stopped and went "Ohhhh!" Can't wait till the big day to wear it properly!

Sunday 28th February 2010


Pete and Kat had been to the ACDC concerts earlier in the week, and had bought these very cool devil horns, naturally we couldn't resist popping them on Zeke's head for a shot of his 'true' nature :P

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