Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 8

Another busy morning, although thankfully Zeke let me sleep in a little. I finished cleaning up in the kitchen, got all of the veggies for dinner prepared, and told Facebook breastfeeding isn't obscene... ALL before playgroup :)

Zeke decided he didn't want his usual nap, and went down only 40 minutes before we had to leave, so I had to wake him to go, and when I get to Cat's I find out Kayleb had done the same thing... must have been in the air that morning.

Cat & I decided to cut playgroup short, as both the boys were tired, and the weather was looking iffy and we didn't want to get soaked on the walk home. We did catch a little bit, but nothing a coffee at Cat's house couldn't fix!

Back home, I finished making lasagne for dinner, and discovered I had got WAAAAAY excited and went overboard with quantities, ended up with a lot more than I planned. Never mind - more for the freezer!

Granny and some of Zeke's aunties came for dinner, and Zeke was in a crazy show-off mood. He jumped around everywhere, played with his toys, and put on a show for everyone. He was a bit worked up and hard to get to bed once they left, but he was obviously pooped as he slept through, and slept in this morning!

Monday 8th March 2010


3 - that's right 3 trays of lasagne! The big one was used on Monday night, Ryan Zeke and I had the smaller white dish for dinner on Tuesday night, and the glass one has gone in the freezer for a night I decide I don't want to cook!

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