Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 9

Wahoo - caught up again! After this I'm watching the NCIS episode we recorded, and then off to bed - I'm worn out, today was busy!

We needed to do a couple of things today, and unable to borrow a car, we decided to take the bus to Knox City (a nearby shopping centre.) This was Zeke's first time (in his memory, he was 3 months old and asleep the last time) on a bus, so he was a little freaked out, but settled down soon enough, and watched everything go by.

We got everything we needed to do done (Ryan got his shirt for the wedding - hooray!) and then went up to the food court for lunch. Ryan headed off to Subway to get his & my lunch, and I walked around with Zeke to find something for him.

We stopped at one of those little Asian places, which had the tuna seaweed rolls he loves, so I lifted him up to show him what there was and asked him if he wanted a tuna roll, and he said no. We moved along the display case a little more, and I asked if he wanted fried rice, or Singapore noodles, he looked at both carefully and pointed to the noodles! He's getting so grown up, and he was really happy sitting in the high chair at the food court and eating his noodles too :)

Back home on the bus Zeke wet right through his nappy and onto my lap - oops! We were glad to get home, and Zeke was glad to get into a dry nappy and off for a nap!

Grandma dropped in for a visit this evening, and Zeke was happy to show off to her for a while too, telling her Uh-oh, and showing her he knows how to take his nappy off! He does it almost as soon as he's wet now too... looks like he's getting warmed up for potty training!

Tuesday 9th March 2010


Zeke broke a pair of my sunglasses, but still likes to play with them, even as they are. He likes to put them on me too, and then usually smacks a big kiss on the one lens that is left! Apparently half a pair of sunglasses are essential bedwear!

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