Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 6

Zeke decided to get up earlier than usual for some reason, and was cranky during the day too. I was tired as well, and there was not enough coffee in the world to make the morning a pleasant place - blah!

Today's big event, was (as most Melbournians will agree) was undoubtedly the MASSIVE hailstorm we had in the late afternoon. We had expected some rain or storming during the day, but what we hadn't expected were hailstones the size of golfballs pelting us! There was so much rain, our driveway was a complete wash out too. The gutters on the road were overflowing and the rain was just streaming down our driveway. The corner a little way down from us was completely flooded as well, only 4wd could get through, and they were almost up to their windows!

No serious damage though, my car (which is dead anyway) has a few small dints in the roof from the hail, and a hailstone hit the plastic casing on the cat flap on the back door and cracked it, but otherwise fine. Zeke was not at all scared (although Ryan and I were worried the hailstones would break the windows with how hard they were hitting) and just watched the whole thing from his high chair.

Saturday 6th March 2010


Mid-storm, taken through the window (no way was I going out in that!) You can see the layer of hailstones forming on the ground, and the streams of water running down the drive - intense!

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