Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 4

Zeke was awake early and restless, so I decided to take a walk with him to the shops. We needed lunch and dinner for the day anyway, so I loaded him in the pram and off we went. When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he told me "anana" (Banana) but I decided on chicken stroganoff instead.

On our way back, I decided to see which lot of shops was closer to us (there are two that seem about equal distance away, but in opposite directions) so we hopped on a train, we only went one station, but I decided the Ferntree Gully shops are much closer than Boronia, the walk back was a killer! There's a lot more uphill coming home from Boronia... won't be doing that one again in a hurry.

Grandave and Aunty Erin came around for a visit in the afternoon, and Grandma (my mum) dropped in during the evening, it was a busy day! Then Uncle Jay (his godfather minus the god part) came for dinner as well - it was good dinner too, Zeke kept going "MMMMMMM" with every bite!

Thursday 4th March 2010


Mocha went crazy for a bug that got in the house while I was making dinner... even to the point of climbing the flyscreen! She's getting bigger sure, but she's definitely still a kitten at heart!

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