Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 5

Up and off to music class on Friday morning. Zeke may take a little convincing to play his instruments along to the music, but he sure knows what it means when the music stops. He's up on his feet like a shot to give it back to Judy and to wait for a new one! He really does enjoy it though, he keeps asking me to put his Mini Maestro's CD on during the day so we can dance!

The weather was pretty rainy so we decided to stay inside for the rest of the day, but despite avoiding the mud Zeke managed to be utterly disgusting (both in cleanliness and personality) by the evening, so it was into a desperately needed bath and into bed. I think it was the humidity, it hadn't really cooled down, so he was pretty sweaty and sticky, which in turn made him cranky!

Actually, the disgustingness may have had something to do with the FOUR (yes, 4) entire meals he ate during the day. Weetbix for breakfast, leftover chicken stroganoff for lunch, scrambled eggs with (ham, cheese and peas) on toast for dinner, then he decided he was hungry again when Ryan & I were having dinner, and had another entire serve of strog! (Not adult-sized serves by any means, but a whole toddler sized plateful!) If he's about to do a growth spurt, I want to know BEFORE I buy him nice clothes for the wedding!

Friday 5th March 2010


Zeke is trying very hard these days to put his own pants on. He can't quite coordinate his foot into the right hole, but he's certainly got the idea! He will pull them up most of the way once they're on though - and is expert at taking them off, especially for bath time!

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